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OCAD U Zine Library: Our History

The OCAD U Zine Library through the Years

The Zine Library, as it looked when it first moved to the Learning Zone from the Dorothy H. Hoover Library in 2009.

Zine Library label, 2009.

Zine Library signage, 2009.

New Zine Library sign created by former student Andrea Manica, 2011.

New display area on top shelf of Zine Library, with exhibition by former students Eunice Luk and Andrea Manica, 2011.

New display area on top shelf of Zine Library, with exhibition by former students Eunice Luk and Andrea Manica, 2011.

New Zine Library shelving custom built by Compass Construction and new collection labels, designed by former student Marta Ryczko, 2012.

New Zine Library collection labels, designed by former student Marta Ryczko, 2012.

The current display setup of the Zine Library, featuring new picture ledge shelves from Ikea, wooden table top display shelving from Brodart, and signage designed by former student Marta Ryczko, 2016.

The story begins...

The OCAD U Zine Library was launched on November 14th, 2007 by artist Alicia Nauta, while she was a student of OCAD U's Printmaking program.

She started the collection “to inspire people… educate and entertain” as well as “to make people realize anyone can make a zine.” She was hoping to create more personal connections between zine makers at OCAD U and within the library by allowing students access to “zines made by people they know, and opportunities to create their own work to be seen by other students.”[1] 

She started the collection, developed its organizational scheme and organized several events to promote and support the collection. In 2009, the collection moved from the Dorothy H. Hoover Library to the newly opened Learning Zone, under the management of Learning Zone Librarian, Victoria Sigurdson. Marta Chudolinska, an intern at the Library, worked with Alicia in her last year at OCAD to learn about the management of the collection so that Alicia's work could be carried forward after her graduation for many years to come.

In 2010, Marta moved into the role of Learning Zone Librarian and has continued to expand the collection and its classification system and organize dynamic programming with the help of the OCAD U Zine Collective. Marta and Victoria, now Head of Visual Resources and Special Collections, collaborated with other Learning Zone and Visual Resources staff to bring the OCAD U Zine Library Catalogue online so that this incredible collection can be more accessible to our students, faculty, researchers and the general public.
The zine library catalogue is accessible online for students, faculty and internal staff on ArtStor's Shared Shelf platform. As of April 2017, the ZIne Library catalog is also available to the public on Artstor Public Collections
[1] Personal communication, May 28, 2009.

OCADU Zine Fair

Since 2009, the OCAD U Zine Library has hosted the OCAD U Zine Fair. Every March, we gather students and local artists who make zines and provide them with a fun opportunity to sell their work and interact with the OCAD U community. 

OCADU Zine Fair Poster Gallery

2017 call for vendors by Francis Tomkins

2017 poster by Francis Tomkins

2016 by Alexander Bailey

2015 by Ben Berdicchio

2014 by Emily Harrison

2013 poster by E. Howey

2013 call for vendors by E. Howey

2012 by Marta Ryczko

2011 by Mary Johnsen

2011 Call for Vendors by Andrea Manica

2010 by Alicia Nauta

2009 by Alicia Nauta