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Open Access Week is a global event providing the academic and research community with an opportunity to learn about the potential benefits of open access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, help inspire wider participation.

Books About Open Access

Open Design Now book coverOpen Design Now: Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive by Bas van Abel
Call Number:TS171 O53
ISBN: 9789063692599
Publication Date: 2011
"Open Design Now looks at design in the new creative commons, co-creation era. It presents practices, tools, and licensing systems, as open design is a way of designing everyone can participate in. Includes essays, cases, and visuals on various issues of open design, as well as practical guidelines for designers, design educators, and policymakers to get started." -- From the publisher

Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet by Christine L. Borgman
Call Number: AZ195 B6
ISBN: 0262026198
Publication Date: 2007
"Scholars in all fields now have access to an unprecedented wealth of online information, tools, and services. The Internet lies at the core of an information infrastructure for distributed, data-intensive, and collaborative research. Although much attention has been paid to the new technologies making this possible, from digitized books to sensor networks, it is the underlying social and policy changes that will have the most lasting effect on the scholarly enterprise. In Scholarship in the Digital Age, Christine Borgman explores the technical, social, legal, and economic aspects of the kind of infrastructure that we should be building for scholarly research in the twenty-first century." -- From the publisher

Brokering access: power, politics, and freedom of information process in Canada
by Larsen, Mike; Walby, Kevin

Call Number: KE5325 B76
ISBN: 0774823232
Publication Date: 2012
"Access to information (ATI) is widely regarded as a fundamental democratic right. Yet in Canada there still exists a struggle between the public’s quest for accountability and our government’sculture of secrecy. Drawing together the perspectives of social scientists, journalists, and ATI advocates, Brokering Access explores the policies and practices surrounding access to information at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. This groundbreaking volume is the first of its kind to promote the idea that ATI should be used as a critical research strategy. It is a vital resource for scholars, policy makers, journalists, and anyone who is concerned about access to information and its effect on all Canadians." -- From the publisher

Open Source Architecture by Ratti, Carlo; Claudel, Matthew
Call Number: NA689 O53 R27
ISBN: 9780500343067
Publication Date: 2015
"Open Source Architecture is a visionary manifesto for the architecture of tomorrow that argues for a paradigm shift from architecture as a means of supporting the ego-fueled grand visions of "starchitects" to a collaborative, inclusive, network-driven process inspired by twenty-first-century trends such as crowd-sourcing, open access, and mass customization. The question is how collaborative design can avoid becoming design-by-committee. Authors Carlo Ratti and Matthew Claudel navigate this topic nimbly in chapters such as "Why It Did Not Work" and "Learning from the Network." They also meet the essential requirement of any manifesto, considering the applications of open-source architecture not only conceptually but also in practice, in chapters such as "Open Source Gets Physical" and "Building Harmonies." Open Source Architecture is an important new work on the frontlines of architectural thought and practice." -- From the publisher.

Works by OCADU's Open Access Week Presenters and Panelists

Art Canada Institute - Institut de l'art canadien
"The Art Canada Institute is a non-profit research organization based at Massey College, University of Toronto. Founded in 2012, the ACI is the only national institution whose mandate is to promote the study of an inclusive multi-vocal Canadian art history to as broad an audience as possible, in both English and French, within Canada and internationally. The ACI works with more than 50 of Canada’s leading art historians, curators, and visual culture experts who are dedicated to the creation of authoritative original content on the people, themes, and topics that have defined Canadian art history. The ACI is a registered Canadian charity."-- From publisher website

Art documentation : bulletin of the Art Libraries Society of North America
Call Number: N1 Art Document
ISSN: 0730-7187
Publication Date: 1982-present
"Art Documentation is the official bulletin of the Art Libraries Society of North America, 1982-present. It includes articles and information relevant to art librarianship and visual resources curatorship. ... The subscription to Art Documentation is included as part of membership in ARLIS/NA." -- From publisher website

C international contemporary art
Call Number: N1 C international
ISSN: 1480-5472 (print), 1923-3795 (online), 1193-8625
Publication Date: 1983-present
"C Magazine is a Toronto-based contemporary art and criticism periodical devoted to providing a forum for significant ideas in visual art and culture. Each quarterly issue explores a new theme through original art writing, criticism and artists' projects." -- From publisher website

Shift : exchanges / editors Caroline MacFarlane and Vanessa Nicholas
Call Number: NK 1413 A1 S44
ISSN: 9780978327873
Publication Date: 2014
"The OCAD U Student Press fosters critical engagement through publishing in the OCAD U community. The Press publishes in print and online, with a focus on circulating the creativity and intelligence of our student community. In addition to publishing, the Press organizes a semesterly speaker series night called Function, hosts workshops on bookmaking techniques, and collaborates with others on special projects." -- From publisher website

Books and Resources About Open Access

Knowledge Machines: Digital Transformations of the Sciences and Humanities by Meyer, Eric T; Schroeder, Ralph
Call Number: Q180.55 E4 M38
Publication Date: 2015
"In Knowledge Machines, Eric Meyer and Ralph Schroeder argue that digital technologies have fundamentally changed research practices in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Meyer and Schroeder show that digital tools and data, used collectively and in distributed mode—which they term e-research—have transformed not just the consumption of knowledge but also the production of knowledge. Digital technologies for research are reshaping how knowledge advances in disciplines that range from physics to literary analysis. Meyer and Schroeder map the rise of digital research and offer case studies from many fields, including biomedicine, social science uses of the Web, astronomy, and large-scale textual analysis in the humanities. They consider such topics as the challenges of sharing research data and of big data approaches, disciplinary differences and new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, the shifting boundaries between researchers and their publics, and the ways that digital tools promote openness in science. This book considers the transformations of research from a number of perspectives, drawing especially on the sociology of science and technology and social informatics. It shows that the use of digital tools and data is not just a technical issue; it affects research practices, collaboration models, publishing choices, and even the kinds of research and research questions scholars choose to pursue. Knowledge Machines examines the nature and implications of these transformations for scholarly research." -- From the publisher

Wikipedia: A New Community of Practice? by O'Sullivan, Dan
Call Number: AE100 O68
ISBN: 0754674339
Publication Date: 2009
"This book first offers a description of some of these earlier attempts. The author discusses five historical groups or communities of practice, all of which had similar ambitions to Wikipedia to make an impact on the society of their time through the dissemination of information. The second part is an analysis of Wikipedia itself, and the third part contains suggestions about how to approach it, how to contribute to it and what one might gain from it." "Writing in an accessible style the author takes a socio-historical approach and argues that by looking at communities of practice in the past we can come to understand the radical, even political, nature of Wikipedia. The book will have a broad appeal to anyone interested in the development of this unique project, including information management professionals but also historians, sociologists, educators and students."--BOOK JACKET.

Towards a Semantic Web: Connecting Knowledge in Academic Research by Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis, and Liam Magee
Call Number: TK5105.88 T6
ISBN: 184334601X
Publication Date: 2011
"This book addresses the question of how knowledge is currently documented, and may soon be documented in the context of what it calls 'semantic publishing'. This takes two forms: a more narrowly and technically defined 'semantic web'; as well as a broader notion of semantic publishing. This book examines the ways in which knowledge is represented in journal articles and books. By contrast, it goes on to explore the potential impacts of semantic publishing on academic research and authorship. It sets this in the context of changing knowledge ecologies: the way research is done; the way knowledge is represented and; the modes of knowledge access used by researchers, students and the general public." -- From the publisher

The Handbook of Art and Design Librarianship by Gluibizzi, Amanda; Glassman, Paul; Payne, Daniel
Call Number: Z675 A85 H25
ISBN: 1856047024
Publication Date: 2010
“Beyond the Monograph: Transformations in Scholarly Communication and Their Impact on Art Librarianship” by Patrick Tomlin. It provides an overview and examination of the “changing nature of scholarly communication and the burgeoning impact of those changes on the art and design library” (p. 92). As Tomlin points out, up to this point art librarianship has not been actively engaged with issues of open access and scholarship in the arts." - From the book review by Mary Kandiuk in Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, vol. 6, no. 2 (2011)

Pirate Philosophy for a Digital Posthumanities by Hall, Gary
Call Number: AZ195 H24 P4
ISBN: 9780262034401
Publication Date: 2016
"In Pirate Philosophy, Gary Hall considers whether the fight against the neoliberal corporatization of higher education in fact requires scholars to transform their own lives and labor. Is there a way for philosophers and theorists to act not just for or with the antiausterity and student protestors -- "graduates without a future" -- but in terms of their political struggles? Drawing on such phenomena as peer-to-peer file sharing and anticopyright/pro-piracy movements, Hall explores how those in academia can move beyond finding new ways of thinking about the world to find instead new ways of being theorists and philosophers in the world.

Hall describes the politics of online sharing, the battles against the current intellectual property regime, and the actions of Anonymous, LulzSec, Aaron Swartz, and others, and he explains Creative Commons and the open access, open source, and free software movements. But in the heart of the book he considers how, when it comes to scholarly ways of creating, performing, and sharing knowledge, philosophers and theorists can challenge not just the neoliberal model of the entrepreneurial academic but also the traditional humanist model with its received ideas of proprietorial authorship, the book, originality, fixity, and the finished object. In other words, can scholars and students today become something like pirate philosophers?" -- From the publisher

Meaningful Metrics: A 21st-Century Librarian's Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact by Roemer, Robin Chin; Borchardt, Rachel
Call Number: Z669.8 R63 M32
ISBN: 9780838987551
Publication Date: 2015
"What does it mean to have meaningful metrics in today's complex higher education landscape? With a foreword by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem, this highly engaging and activity-laden book serves to introduce readers to the fast-paced world of research metrics from the unique perspective of academic librarians and LIS practitioners. Starting with the essential histories of bibliometrics and altmetrics, and continuing with in-depth descriptions of the core tools and emerging issues at stake in the future of both fields, Meaningful Metrics is a convenient all-in-one resource that is designed to be used by a range of readers, from those with little to no background on the subject to those looking to become movers and shakers in the current scholarly metrics movement. Authors Borchardt and Roemer, offer tips, tricks, and real-world examples illustrate how librarians can support the successful adoption of research metrics, whether in their institutions or across academia as a whole." -- From the publisher.

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz by Knappenberger, Brian; Berners-Lee, Tim; Cohn, Cindy
Call Number: DVD2207
ISBN: 9786315789014
Publication Date: 2015
"Aaron Swartz was a programming prodigy who helped shape the digital landscape of today. He helped develop the internet protocol RSS and was a co-founder of Reddit. Chronicling his pioneering efforts crusading for open access and free speech and the resulting legal nightmare and tragedy that ensued, the documentary is a dynamic and moving portrait of a brilliant tech millionaire who renounced the values of Silicon Valley startup culture and used technology to tirelessly fight for social justice." -- From the publisher