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LGBTQ2S+ Resources: Visual arts

LGBTQ2S+ Art and Artists

This research guide highlights books about LGBTQ2S+ art and artists in the collection.

Click through the tabs above to see some of our titles about LGBTQ2S+ artists, art, literature, history, theory, and politics, including catalogues of exhibitions, artist biographies, graphic novels, queer theory, photography collections, fiction, poetry, and more.

Art history and criticism

Drawing and Painting

Motion pictures


Find more resources

We have so many resources about LGBTQ2S+ artists and topics that this guide is not comprehensive. Beyond books, we have ebooks and online journal articles. Using the search box below you can search all OCAD U library books, ebooks, and journal databases.

Try keywords like "lesbian", "gay", "transgender", "bisexual", "sexual minorities", "two-spirit," "homosexual", "homosexuality", "queer", "gender identity", 'intersex", "transsexual."

You can search different keywords together by using AND or OR in all-caps.

Use quotation marks to search phrases, like "sexual minorities."

Here are some example searches:

lesbian AND art  

(lesbian OR gay OR transgender) AND art

("sexual minorities" OR bisexual) AND "graphic novels"



Sculpture and Installation

Performance art