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Liberal Arts & Sciences Research Guide: Visual Culture: Design

Step #1: Encylopedias

Getting started? Become an instant expert by using an academic encyclopedia.  Unlike Wikipedia, these often can be cited in your research papers!

Step #2: Library Catalogue Search


Library Catalogue Search Tips

For BEST results:

    • remember that visual culture research combine DESIGN and studies in HUMANITIES (psychology, sociology, anthropology)
    • given that the library print collection specializes in art/design topics already, try "subject keyword" searches on broad humanities subjects; such as: anthropology; sociology; political science*
      • use * for variants of root word (ex. Canad* will search Canada, Canadian, Canada's, etc.

    Always re-run searches in Ebrary for ebooks!

    • the library PRINT collection has only limited titles for humanities research; Ebrary has MANY more

    View search guides:

    Step #2: Library Books

    Step #3: Journal Articles