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Liberal Arts & Sciences Research Guide: Visual Culture: Art

VISC 1001/1002

For an interactive guide for Visual and Material Culture VISC 1001 and 1002 assignments, view the library support page that includes video tutorials on using key sources for all your research needs. VISC-1001/1002 Course Library Guide:

Step #1: Encylopedias

Getting started? Become an instant expert by using an academic encyclopedia.  Unlike Wikipedia, these often can be cited in your research papers!

Library Catalogue Search


Library Catalogue Search Tips

For BEST results:

  • remember that visual culture research combine ART and studies in HUMANITIES (psychology, sociology, anthropology)
  • given that the library print collection specializes in art/design topics already, try "subject keyword" searches on broad humanities subjects; such as: anthropology; sociology; political science*
    • use * for variants of root word (ex. Canad* will search Canada, Canadian, Canada's, etc.

Always re-run searches in Ebrary for ebooks!

  • the library PRINT collection has only limited titles for humanities research; Ebrary has MANY more

View search guide:

Step #2: Library Books

Step #3: Journal Articles

Also Try: Image Databases

Also Try: Visual Literacy Tutorial