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Storying Exhibition

by students of Contemporary Issues

Artist Name: Bernobayobaylee/ Lee Reid

Title: Quake of a state

Medium: Acrylic, charcoal, graphite and mixed media


Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

In our current time of existence, we live through a time of evolution and an uncertainty for our future. We need to warn people to draw attention to the environment and look to new methods of creation to teach the masses and teach them about the current issues, over consumerism, government, suppression and manipulation of people. This idea I have of Contemporary art is formed by continued “Afro futurism” and “primitivism in the 20th century” to make a new genre: “Neolithic conceptual minimalism” with expressionist qualities. Melding the oldest form of human visual art and the most current form of visual art and aestheticism, this is a play on the idea of time and also how much time we have left, and if we don’t treat it right we will become extinct.