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VISC-1001 Course Library Guide

Tips for Searching Books and Journal Articles in Summon

See the short video on the left to review the basics of searching books and articles in Summon. Some additional tips: 

  • Search different keywords based on your object and theme separated by "AND"
  • Try different combinations, if you get too few results, try searching your theme and object keywords separately
  • Select on Library Catalogue to limit to phyiscal books, Book / eBook to limit to include e-books, and Journal article for articles. 

How to credit the ideas of others in your writing

Library research lets us compile the facts and theories that form the basis of our argument. When drawing on the ideas of others you want to credit those ideas both in text and in a References list at the end of your paper.

Here is an example of citing an idea using MLA format. with the credited ideas in bold

There are two types of loss invoked by the Memorial Head, there is the death the object itself commemorates, but also the loss of certainty concerning its original 17th century use. Gilbert casts doubt that we can ever truly know how the terracotta statues were used lamenting that "so little is known ethnographically about their use and meaning today, let alone two or three centuries ago (34)."

At the end of your paper you would credit your source (and all your sources, in alphabetical order by first name) with a hanging indent like this:



Gilbert, Michelle. “Akan Terracotta Heads: Gods or Ancestors?” African Arts, vol. 22, no. 4, 1989, pp. 34-86.
See our Citing Sources guide for more information.