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Talking Wellness

A project & exhibition by Pam Patterson's Art and Design Education (ADEL): Community class, in collaboration with OCAD U Health & Wellness Centre & the Library's Learning Zone, Fall 2018

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OCADU will provide its students and faculty with free “vending” machines for not only late-night snacks for the students working but also Advil for those migraines and those stigmatized cramps! They will offer us free condoms AND free tampons/pads for those who need them. Students will also be given pillows and blankets so that they are warm and cozy during 4 am naps on the couches  and in those chilly classrooms. - Nataly Kais


Artist Bio and Statement

I am Nataly Kais, a third year international student in Drawing & Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation. I am interested in sustainability and making OCAD a community-based university instead of a business. Being in the ADEL class this semester has helped me realize what OCAD lacks and how we could make things better not only in terms of Health and Wellness but also across other departments and facilities that OCADU makes available to its students. I am quite motivated to create a safer more accessible environment for all the students currently building their future here and the students who are yet to join us. OCADU should be an experience that we look back upon after graduation with gratitude and appreciation. Being involved with this project has motivated me to make things better, easier and simpler for students. Mental health and physical health should always come first, how are students supposed to succeed with their art practice if they cannot even get out of bed in the morning?"