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Talking Wellness

A project & exhibition by Pam Patterson's Art and Design Education (ADEL): Community class, in collaboration with OCAD U Health & Wellness Centre & the Library's Learning Zone, Fall 2018

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OCADU will perfectly match a counsellor to each OCADU student. Many times during the semester, students and counsellors will meet, in flexible settings, where all students can voice their questions and have their concerns met. Counselors will meet with department chairs, while keeping students’ anonymity, and relay concerns and successes. OCADU will then stay up-to-date on all student needs. - Cori Jin


Artist Bio and Statement

I am Cori Jin, student, artist, and tattoo artist. Currently, I am working in a placement teaching apprentice tattoo artists while completing my thesis and carrying a full course load in the Faculty of Art. My thesis project focuses on making sculptural paintings which address issues that accompany gun violence such as PTSD and grief. As a tattoo artist, I would describe my style as dark and delicate while categorizing it as black work and neo-traditional. I believe people, especially creative people, are complex and it is okay to have different interests. 

Taking my experiences into consideration, I aim to keep an open mind when teaching. Each of my apprentices has a different style and progress at a different rate. I share my knowledge with them but customize the curriculum to best fit their unique styles. 

I believe that addressing the individual needs of students is something the Health and Wellness Center strives to do. Students have different approaches in their practices and their circumstances affect this. Whether they feel too overwhelmed with their studies or are dealing with unexpected personal issues, the Health and Wellness Center should be able to provide the necessary support.