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Talking Wellness

A project & exhibition by Pam Patterson's Art and Design Education (ADEL): Community class, in collaboration with OCAD U Health & Wellness Centre & the Library's Learning Zone, Fall 2018

Speech bubble by Angie Ma. Text from bubble below.

Image Text:

All will be mindful! Mental disability, while not visible, will be acknowledged in an OCAD U that is safe and accessible. All will enroll in AODA training and become vocal advocates who welcome, respect and support all with disabilities! - Angie Ma


Artist Bio and Statement

My name is Angie Ma and I’m interested how community-based art education is activated in elementary schools. I learned trhough Talking Wellness OCAD U! how important it is to incorporate health and wellness into our education systems to maximize our (and our students’) educational experiences. Through the interview process at the Health and Wellness Center we discussed the lack of mental health awareness in the OCAD U curriculum as well as faculty/staff ignorance regarding mental health disability within the classroom. We discussed how we might change this by designing curriculum that is inclusive where everyone can learn and health and wellness is integral to this learning. In my own fieldwork so far I have designed lessons with disability in mind to ensure that what I teach is accessible and I have incorporated casual, low pressure exercises to use with them to help them de-stress while we are working on assignments. I hope in the future to continue challenging standardized structures of learning by thinking through a lens that encompasses the health and well being of my students.