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Talking Wellness

A project & exhibition by Pam Patterson's Art and Design Education (ADEL): Community class, in collaboration with OCAD U Health & Wellness Centre & the Library's Learning Zone, Fall 2018

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At OCADU we will learn how to make art for the rest of our lives and not just for today. We all know that the damage and dangers of repetitive movement and poor posture can be catastrophic to an artist. We will brace ourselves for finals without having to brace our wrists from physical pain. Art may be inspired by hurt but art should not hurt to make. The ergonomics of art will help us for a long and fruitful creative career! - Tara Clews


Artist Bio and Statement

My name is Tara and I am a mixed media artist in the Digital Painting and Animation program who believes strongly in a multidisciplinary approach to the creation of art. Art is a tool for the visualization of concepts and metaphors that fascinate me and my artwork circulates around themes of wellness and mental health. In gathering data from the school nurse at Health & Wellness on campus, I found myself interested in the ergonomics of making art. We are not taught how to appropriately position our bodies or how to relieve undue stress from repetitive motion and this needs to change. Learning how to take care of my body is paramount to the continuation of creation. While art is my past and present, I am determined to make it my future.