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What's in the Library: Books: Finding Catalogues Raisonné

Finding Print Catalogues Raisonné

Unlike most monograph books in the library's collection, the best way to find catalogues raisonné is by using the library catalogue.

  • General Keyword Search on artist's name AND add the word "raisonne"
    • go to the default Keyword Search
    • type in the artist's name AND add the word "raisonne"
    • note, this search usually only works for the most well-known artists
  • Another option may be to browse, although this strategy is not dependable and usually only works for well-known celebrity artists.
    • go to a particular section on an artistic medium, such as the "painting" ND section,
    • find the geographic subsection, such as Spanish painters (ND 813)
    • then look for large format books or a series of multi-volume works that are often listed as reference only (with a red dot on the call number label). 
      • for example, the exhaustive 33 volume catalogue raisonné of all of Picasso's art and design works listed in chronological order is clearly visible in the Spanish Painting section ND 813:
        • Zervos, Christian. Pablo Picasso, Cahiers d'art, 1956. ND813 P42 Z36 REF.vols. 1 - 33.