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What's in the Library: Periodicals: An Example

Find out more about our collections of THE best print publications that will help you get creative; and you won't find them anywhere else!

Is is Peer-Reviewed

The three periodicals on the right hand column are examples of ACADEMIC publications, but not all are peer-reviewed.  Note that:

  • Smithsonian Studies in American Art is a magazine
  • Academic Leadership is a newspaper
  • Journal of Design History is a peer-reviewed journal

Using Summon Search

One of the quickest, most effective ways to find Peer-Reviewed journal articles is to use:

  • Summon "More Search Options" (advanced search)
  • then select "Show only -- Peer reviewed publications"

This will definitively limit your results to only Peer-Reviewed titles; note that this will also:

  • remove most books from your results as these TYPES of information do not use Peer-Review in publication (except for some anthologies or collections of essays)
  • potentially remove some professional trade journals or scholarly art publications; to include these latter journals essential for creative art and design research, select "Show only -- Scholarly materials, including peer-reviewed"

Is it Peer-Reviewed?