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Artists as Writers: Genre: Artists on Curation

Genre: Artist on Curation

This section contains writing by artists that discusses and documents their work as curators.

Artists on this page:

Michael Hoolboom: Curatorial Work

The Loved Ones: A Film Program. Toronto: The Funnel, 1985. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Funnel, Oct. 11-19, 1985.
Written by Michael Hoolboom. Read online.

The Room is a Camera. Toronto: The Funnel, 1987. Read online.

New Waves in Cinema. Toronto: Rivoli, 1987. Read online.

Richard Kerr, LIFT Screening. Toronto: 1989.  Read online.

Wet, Wild and Alone. Ontario Tour, 1989.  Read online.

Cinema of Death. Ontario Tour, 1989.  Read online.

The Adoptees. Regina, 1989.  Read online.

Canadian Avant Garde Benefit Series. Toronto: The Funnel, 1989.  Read online.

Pleasure Dome Screening Programs, 1989-1990.

Cinematheque Carte Blanche. Toronto: Cinematheque Ontario, 1993.   Read online.

Archaeologies of Gender: Experimenta. Toronto: Cinematheque Ontario, 1993.  Read online.

The Agony of Arousal: The Films of Mike Hoolboom. Edmonton, 1994.  Read online.

They Are Lost to Vision Altogether. Toronto: Pleasure Dome, 1996.  Read online.

The Family: They Fuck You Up. Toronto: Images Festival, 1996.  Read online.

Inside the Pleasure Dome. Toronto: Pleasure Dome, 1997.  Read online.

Life Swarms with Innocent Monsters. Toronto: Splice This Festival, 1999 and Vancouver: Blinding Light, 1999.  Read online.

Images Festival. Toronto: Images Festival, 2000.  Read online.

Jury Notes: Awards at the Vila do Festival 2003. Portugal: Vila do Conde, 2003.

Death Sexy. Jihlava International Documentary Festival, 2005. Read online.

Lost in Space. Jihlava International Documentary Festival, 2006. Read online.

Are You Clean? International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2006.  Read online.

Colin Campbell Forever. London: London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2006.  Read online.

Impossible Home. Jihlava Documentary Festiva, 2007.  Read online.

Wired Empire: The Festival. Winnepeg Cinematheque, 2007.  Read online.

Tiger Awards. Tiger Short Film Awards, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008.  Read online.

Practical Dreamers Launch. Winnepeg Cinematheque, 2009.  Read online.

Both Sides Now. Winnepeg Cinematheque, 2009.  Read online.

Fear of Flying: Beauty and Power. Sackville, NB: Campbell Carriage Factory Museum, 2010.  Read online.

Frank Cole Retrospective. International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2010.  Read online.

Projections of Beauty: Made in Canada. Winnepeg Cinematheque, 2011.  Read online.

Songs of Experience. Saskatoon: Mendel Gallery, 2011.  Read online.

Portraits. Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2012.  Read online.

For a full list of Michael Hoolboom's writing, please visit his website.

Johanna Householder: Curatorial Work

Curatorial Collective 7a*11d

Johanna Householder is part of the curatorial collective 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art.

Johanna Householder as Curator

Johanna Householder has curated the following projects:

"Prognosis" with Louise Liliefeldt (1997) and "Teratoid Cabaret" with Louise Liliefeldt, Derek Mohamed, and Tracy Renée Stafford at 1st International Performance Art Festival (1997) View event information.

"Hybrids" with Louise Liliefeldt at 2nd International Performance Art Festival (1998) View event information.

"Prognosis" with Louise Liliefeldt co-sponsored by A Space at 3rd International Performance Art Fetsival (2000) View event information.

"d2d.2 = Direct to Documentation II: Program One" and "d2d.2 = Direct to Documentation II: Program Two" with Rochelle Holt at 5th International Performance Art Festival (2004) View information about the event.

"d2d.3 = Direct to Documentation 2006" at 6th International Performance Art Festival (2006) Read PDF of 2006 Festival catalogue.

"d2d.4 = direct to documentation 2008" programmed with Adam Herst at 7th International Performance Art Festival (2008) View information about the event.

Akasiw Maskegon-iskwew: Curatorial Work

Curatorial statement in exhibition catalogue nanâtawihitowin-âcimowina (Healing Stories): Three Collaborative First Peoples Performances. Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery, 1995.

"Mapping Homunculi at War: Aboriginal Performance Art Sneaks Up." A curatorial essay in the exhibition booklet Signified: Ritual Language in First Nations Performance Art. Regina: Sâkêwêwak Artists Collective, 2002.
This essay discusses the performance art of Reona Brass and Bently Spang.