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Artists as Writers: Artists Write About Their Own Art: Integrated Media, Sculpture & Installation

Genre: Artists Write About Their Art: Integrated Media, Sculpture & Installation

This section contains writing by artists who create integrated media, sculpture, and installation art, discussing the methods and ideas behind their own artwork.

Artists on this page:

Ai Weiwei: Writing about his own art

Serpentine Gallery Manifesto Marathon: 18-19 October 2008. London: König, 2009.
About the Serpentine Gallery Project. View online interviews related to this project.

Ai Weiwei. London ; New York: Phaidon, 2009.
Includes excerpts from Ai WeiWei's blog & interviews.

Ai Weiwei: Fairytale: A Reader. JRP/Ringier Kunstverlag, 2011.
A critical analysis of the Fairytale project by Ai WeiWei and others.

Ai Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011.
Translations of Ai WeiWei's blogs. Accessible through OCADU.

Roy Ascott: Writing about his own art

Analogue: Incidents in the Life of Roy Ascott. Bordercrossings. Iss. 127, August 2013.
Read online from Bordercrossings.

Aquaponics Artbook. Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, 03/2014, Volume 12, Issue 1
Read online through OCADU Library.

The Cybernetic Stance: My Process and Purpose. Leonardo, 01/2007, Volume 40, Issue 2. (Originally published 1967.)
Read online through OCADU Library.

Technoetic Territories. Performance Research, 12/2006, Volume 11, Issue 4. 
Read online through OCADU Library.

The Syncretic Imperative. Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research, 07/2006, Volume 4, Issue 2
Read online through OCADU Library.

Orai, or How the Text Got Pleated: A Genealogy of La Plissure du Texte: A Planetary Fairytale. Leonardo, 01/2004, Volume 37, Issue 3
Read online through OCADU Library.

AA Bronson: Writing about his art

Pablum for the Pablum eaters in Video by Artists, ed. Peggy Gale. Toronto: Art Metropole, 1976. p 196.

Myth as Parasite/Image as Virus: General Idea's Bookshelf 1967-1975 in The Search for the Spirit: General Idea 1968-1975. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1997.  Available at OCADU Library.

"Afterthought", Canadian Art, Toronto, Summer, 1999

Negative thoughts by Bronson, A. Museum of Contemporary Art. 2001.  Available at OCADU Library.

AA Bronson: the quick and the dead. Power Plant, 2003. Available at OCADU Library.

"AA Bronson: Excerpts from NEST" (artist's project), BorderCrossings, Winnipeg, Issue No. 89, 2004, pp. 63-65

"War is Over" (artist's project), This is the Salivation Army, Toronto, Issue X, 2004

AA Bronson, "I have it bad", 5th Artistbook International, Paris, 2005

Queer spirits by Bronson, A. A; Hobbs, Peter. Creative Time, 2011.  Available at OCADU Library.

Copyright, Cash and Crowd Control: Art and Economy in the work of General Idea. General Idea: haute culture : a retrospective, 1969-1994. JRP/Ringier, 2011. Available at OCADU Library.

A Letter to MONTREAL: Making Love with Jesus. by AA Bronson. Journal of Canadian Art History, 07/2012, Volume 33, Issue 2. Read online through OCADU Library.

“Documenta Sex.” Queer. Ed. David J. Getsy. London: Whitechapel Gallery; Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 2016. Pp 155-157. Originally published in projects, 2003.

Ian Carr-Harris: Writing about his own art

"Ian Carr-Harris." Parachute 1.Oct-Dec (1975): p. 28-31. 4 ill.
An article on his interest in analyzing basic elements of ordinary structures & perceiving implications within context of art, how his work questions nature of art. He also analyzes "I am the Queen of England."

"An Approach to Criticism." Parachute 1 (1975).
Published photos of his artwork with article explaining his project(s).

"Ian Carr Harris." Personal image for social space. Toronto, 1980

Vestiges of Empire : Ten Artists from Ontario: Camden Arts Centre. London: The Gallery, 1984. Available at OCADU Library.
This publication includes artist statement written by Ian Carr-Harris.

How We See/What We Say. Toronto: Art Gallery at Harbourfront (The Power Plant), 1986. Available at OCADU Library.
Writing about exhibition curated by Ian Carr-Harris that includes full-length commentary and essay about the exhibition.

Luminous Sites: 10 Video Installations. Vancouver: Video Inn & Western Front, 1986. Available at OCADU Library.
A short piece by Ian about his artwork, specifically his "On TV" piece.

"Selected Statements." So, To Speak. Ed. Gilbert, J.P., Sylvie Gilbert and Lesley Johnston. Montréal: Artextes Editions, 1999. Available at OCADU Library.
Includes Carr-Harris quotes taken from multiple sources.

"Un ami du docteur Gachet : le peintre Ambroise Detrez (1811-1863)." Un ami du docteur Gachet : le peintre Ambroise Détrez (1811-1863). Valenciennes : Editions de l'aquarium agnostique, 1999. Available at OCADU Library.
A piece by Ian Carr-Harris in French introducing Ambroise Detrez in his own exhibition catalogue.

Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts 2007. Ottawa: Canada Council, 2007.

Nicole Collins: Writing about her own art

Stroke for Stroke: One.16. Artist statement. Read online.

Broken Painting. University of Toronto Master of Visual Studies Thesis Paper. Read online.

Understanding Blue, Art School Dismissed. Artist statement. Read online.

perfect, General Hardware Contemporary. Artist statement. Read online.

Sara Diamond: Writing about her own art

Heroics Artist Statement in VoiceOver exhibition pamphlet. Contemporary Art Gallery, 1985.  Available at OCADU Library.

Sara Diamond in The Diary Exhibition.  Exhibition Pamphlet.  Art Gallery of Memorial University, St John's Newfoundland.  1987. Available at OCADU Library.

 A Tool for Collaborative Online Dialogue: CodeZebraOS. (2009). Read PhD thesis online.

CodeZebraOS in Euphoria & Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues Paperback. Banff Centre Press, 2011. Available at OCADU Library.

Time tremors: Developing transmedia gaming for children. Holler, Conor and Crowe, Patrick and Mayhew, Alex and Tindale, Adam and Diamond, Sara (2014)  In: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Human-computer Interaction with Mobile Devices & Services.

Johanna Householder: Writing about her own art

Artist Statement for Remembrance Day. Part of Public Spaces/Private Spaces, FADO Performance Art Centre, 2001. Read online.

"The Ecstasy Of Synchronization: A Memoir."  Descant issue 147 40.4 (Winter 2009): 102-114.
Johanna writing about her experience as part of The Clichettes.

Luis Jacob: Writing about his own art

Mattress Raft at Nathan Phillips Square (brochure produced for public art installation at Toronto City Hall, with Adrian Blackwell, Cecilia Chen, Christie Pearson, and Kika Thorne).  1996.

artist statement in “trans” (London: University of Western Ontario, 1998)

“Made in Mexico / Made in Venezuela” brochure text (Toronto: Art Metropole, 1999)

“The Pedestrians”, Mix Magazine (Toronto), Spring 2000

artist stament in “Les Commensaux: When Art Becomes Circumstance”, edited by Patrice Loubier and Anne-Marie Ninacs (Mont real: Centre des arts actuels SKOL, 2001)

artist statement in “House Guests: The Grange 1917 to Today”, edited by Jessica Bradley and Gillian MacKay (Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, 2001)

artist statements in “Pro-F orma: Language/Text/Visual Art” edited by Jessica Wyman, (Toronto: YYZ Books)

Luis Jacob: towards a theory of impressionist and expressionist spectatorship. by Luis Jacob et al. Kunstverein in Hamburg. 2009.  Available at OCADU Library.

Roy Kiyooka: Writing about his own art

Roy Kiyooka: Artspeak Gallery. The Gallery, 1991. Available at OCADU Library.
Contains an artist statement by Kiyooka, quotations from his poetry, and an interview.

Akasiw Maskegon-iskwew: Writing for and about his own art

"Children Shining on the Moon (performance text)."
Read this text online from Ahasiw's old website. This text is also found on the Spider Languages site with accompanying visual work 

"Artist Statement." Banff Centre for the Arts, 1996-2005 Read this artist statement from Spider Languages website.
The statement was for a collaborative project to create aboriginal art space with Ahasiw as artistic director. It includes various aboriginal artists in making of multimedia work, collaborative storytelling work that includes poetry, photographic, and computer generated images.

Lisa Myers: Writing about her own art

"Rails and Ties". 2016 Walter Phillips Gallery exhibition essay.

tibewh by Olivia Whetung, with words by Lisa Myers: Water is Land, Land is Also Water. C Magazine. Issue 134, Summer 2017.

Nancy Paterson: Writing about her own art

Writing in Leonardo (Serial Publication)

"Wringer/Washer TV (Art Installation)." Canadian Woman Studies 13.2 (Winter 1993): 47.

"Bicycle TV: Some Interactive Exercise (Art Installation)." Canadian Woman Studies 13.2 (Winter 1993): 67.

"The Meadow." SIGGRAPH 96: SIGGRAPH 96 Visual Proceedings: The Art and Interdisciplinary Programs of SIGGRAPH 96. New York: ACM, 1996. 13.

"Bicycle TV." Women, Art, and Technology. Ed. Judy Malloy. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2003.

"Stock Market Skirt and New Directions." Leonardo Electronic Almanac 11.12 (Dec 2003).

"Stock Market Skirt: The Evolution of the Internet, the Interface and an Idea." Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow. Ed. Victoria Vesna. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2007. 233-242.

"MULTI: Multiple User Interactive Template Installation." C&C '07 Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity & Cognition. New York: ACM, 2007. 294.

"IXmaps - Interrogating Internet Infrastructure." Nancy Paterson, Andrew Clement, and David J. Phillips. Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (EDMEDIA) 2010. Chesapeake, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), 2010. 1057-1060.

"IXmaps: Interactively mapping NSA surveillance points in the internet 'cloud.'" Andrew Clement, Nancy Paterson, and David J. Phillips. Paper originally presented at Fourth Biannual Surveillance and Society/SSN Conference "A Global Surveillance Society?", 13-15 Apr 2010, City University, London, UK.
Read the revised paper from IXmaps website or go directly to the PDF.

Rirkit Tiravanija: Writing about his own art

"Forget About the Ball and Get On with the Game: From a Truncated Correspondence." Parkett January (1995).
Excerpts from correspondence between Rirkrit Tiravanija and Liam Gillick

"Rirkrit Tiravanija." Contemporary Sculpture: Projects in Munster 1997, edited by Klaus Bubmann, Kasper Konig, Florian Matzner. Stuttgart: Verlag Gerd Hatje, 1997.
Tiravanija writes a fictional letter and then explains his work, "Untitled, 1997 (The Zoo Society)."

"No Ghosts in the Wall." Participation (2006): p. 149-153. Documents of Contemporary Art, London, Whitechapel Gallery & Massachusetts, MIT Press.

"What is a Station?" with Molly Nesbit & Hans-Ulrich Obrist (p. 128) in The Aesthetics of the Total Artwork: On Borders and Fragments, edited by Anke Finger and Danielle Follett. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011.