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Artists as Writers: Artists Write About Their Own Art: Film and Video Art

Genre: Artists Write About Their Art: Film and Video Art

This section contains writing by artists who create films and video art, discussing the methods and ideas behind their own artwork.

Artists on this page:

Sara Diamond: Writing about her own art

Heroics Artist Statement in VoiceOver exhibition pamphlet. Contemporary Art Gallery, 1985.  Available at OCADU Library.

Sara Diamond in The Diary Exhibition.  Exhibition Pamphlet.  Art Gallery of Memorial University, St John's Newfoundland.  1987. Available at OCADU Library.

 A Tool for Collaborative Online Dialogue: CodeZebraOS. (2009). Read PhD thesis online.

CodeZebraOS in Euphoria & Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues Paperback. Banff Centre Press, 2011. Available at OCADU Library.

Time tremors: Developing transmedia gaming for children. Holler, Conor and Crowe, Patrick and Mayhew, Alex and Tindale, Adam and Diamond, Sara (2014)  In: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Human-computer Interaction with Mobile Devices & Services.

Richard Fung: Writing about his own art

Threshold. text in collaboration with visual artist Allan de Souza. Highways Gallery, Santa Monica, 1997.

“Remaking Home Movies.” In Mining the Home Movie: Excavations into Historical and Cultural Memories. Eds. Karen I. Ishizuka and Patricia R. Zimmerman. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008. 29-40. Read online.

Michael Hoolboom: Writing about his own art and films

"Watching Death at Work: My Life in Film."  Cantrill's Filmnotes 69/70 (Mar 1993): 34-49. Available at OCADU Library.

"Three Scripts."  Journal of Film and Video 49.3 (Fall 1997): 38-47.  Available at OCADU Library.

"Positiv (Toronto Filmmaker Describes His Changing City-Scape Since Becoming HIV Positive)." Alphabet City 6 (1998): 148-151.

"Toronto Arts Awards Speech." Michael Hoolboom, 1999.  Read online.

"Second Chances." Michael Hoolboom, 2003. Read online.

"Complaints" Michael Hoolboom, 2005. Read online.

"Stealing Pictures." Michael Hoolboom, 2006.  Read online.

"Marking." Michael Hoolboom, 2008.  Read online.

Projecting Questions: Mike Hoolboom's "Invisible Man" Between the Art Gallery and the Movie Theatre. Toronto: Art Gallery of York University, 2009. 
Hoolboom writings in this book include "Epigraph" ; "Invisible Man Interview" ; "The Invisible Man Blog" (with Philip Monk, Demetra Christakos & Mike Cartmell) ; "Showing Pictures: A Conversation Between Yann Beauvais and Mike Hoolboom" and "Complaints" 

"Opening the Door." Michael Hoolboom, 2009. Read online.
An acceptance speech for Tom Berner Award, Images Festival, Toronto, Apr 2009.

"Love and Work." Michael Hoolboom, Mar 2010. Read online.
A talk delivered as part of Toronto artist/architect Adrian Blackwell presents a new instance of Model for a Public Space.

"Bell Award Presentation." Michael Hoolboom, Gladstone Hotel, 18 June 2010.  Read online.

"Why Do I Make Films?" Michael Hoolboom, 2011.  Read online.

For a full list of Michael Hoolboom's writing about his art and films, please visit his website.

Micheal Snow: Writing about his own art

Walking woman works: Michael Snow, 1961-67 by Dompierre, Louise; Snow, Michael. Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, 1983. Available at OCADU Library.

Digital Snow (book and DVD). by Peggy Gale and Michael Snow. Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology, 2002. Available at OCADU Libary.

Commentary in Timelength, exhibition catalogue. Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, 2004.  Available at OCADU Library.

The Proust Questionnaire: Michael Snow. National Gallery of Canada. April 8, 2014. Read online.
Michael Snow fills out The Proust Questionnaire for the National Gallery of Canada.