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Artists as Writers: Interviews with Artists: Integrated Media, Sculpture & Installation

Interviews with Artists: Integrated Media, Sculpture & Installation

This section contains interviews with artists who create integrated media, sculpture, and installation art.

Artists on this page:

Ai Weiwei: Interviews as Interviewee

Ai WeiWei is interviewed by others

(These are transcribed texts of interviews, with no written contribution by Ai himself)

"Interview with Ai Weiwei on CCAA, Identity and His Recent Conceptual Work." by Robert Bernell. Chinese Type Contemporary Art Online Magazine 1.6 (Jan 1999): 7-8.[online texts related to this interview]

"Changing Perspective: Ai Weiwei with Charles Merewether." Ai Weiwei: Works, Beijing 1993-2003. Ed. Charles Merewether. [Hong Kong]: Timezone 8, 2003. Interview by Charles Merewether

"An Interview with Ai Weiwei, One of the Architects of Jinhua Architecture Park, Zhejiang." Time + Architecture 1 (2006): 46-65.

"Interview: Jinhua Architectural Park." A + U-Architecture and Urbanism 435 (Dec 2006): 88-9.
An interview with Ai about his opinions and views about his organizational and design work on the Jinhua Architectural Park

"Dessert: A Last Minute Talk with Ai Weiwei." a chapter in MAD Dinner. Barcelona ; New York: Actar, 2007.

“An Interview with Ai Weiwei.” Artzine: A Chinese Contemporary Art Portal August 10, 2007. View article online.
interview with Nataline Colonnello about his Fairytale project

"Concept and Fake." Parkett 81 (2007): 122-45.
transcript of interview of Ai Weiwei and Jacques Herzog.

"Where Architects Fear to Tread." Art India 12.4 (Dec 2007): 57-9. Interview by Karen Smith

"The Way We Were, The Way We Are (Interview with Ai Weiwei)." Art in America 96.6 (June-July 2008): 99-101.
Interview by Richard Vine

“A Conversation with Ai Weiwei.”  Yishu 7.4 (July 2008): 10-19. Interview by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker

“Making Everything: A Conservation With Ai Weiwei.” Sculpture 27.10 (Dec 2008): 24-29.

Ai Weiwei: So Sorry. Munich: Prestel, 2009.
Includes interview between Ai and Carolee Thea

Ai Weiwei. London ; New York: Phaidon, 2009.
Includes excerpts from Ai's blog and interviews.

China Talks: Interviews with 32 Contemporary Artists by Jérôme Sans. Hong Kong: Timezone 8, 2009.

"Ai Weiwei: FAKE Design, China." Harvard Design Magazine 32 (2010): 104-105.

Hans Ulrich Obrist: A Post-Olympic Beijing Mini-Marathon. Zurich: JRP Ringier ; New York: D.A.P., 2010.
This text includes an interview with Ai WeiWei.

Ai Weiwei Speaks. with Hans Ulrich Obrist. London: Penguin, 2011.
A book of interviews that discuss the many dimensions of Ai WeiWei's artistic life, ranging over subjects including ceramics, blogging, nature, and philosophy

"At Home with Ai Weiwei." transcript of interview between Ai and J. J. Camille. Art in America 100.1 (Jan 2012): 66-9. View article online.

Art and Cultural Policy in China: A Conversation with Ai Weiwei, Uli Sigg and Yung Ho Chang. Wien ; New York: Springer, 2009.

"Interview Luc Tuymans and Ai Weiwei." The State of Things. Eds. Luc Tuymans, Ai Weiwei, Fan Di'an. Brussels ; Beijing: BOZAR Center for Fine Arts ; Tielt: Lanoo Books, 2009.
An interview by Frank Uytterhaegen of Ai is published in this exhibition catalogue

AA Bronson: Interviews

Excerpts from a Conversation: Mike Kelley and AA Bronson. in General Idea Editions: 1967-1995. Blackwood Gallery, Toronto: 2003.  Available at OCADU Library.

AA Bronson: the quick and the dead. Power Plant, 2003. Available at OCADU Library.

"Home Boutique: Interview with AA Bronson", by Nicholas Herman, ante, Vol. 1, No. 2, New Haven, May 2003

Interview with AA Bronson, Felix Partz, and Jorge Zontal. in General Idea: haute culture : a retrospective, 1969-1994. JRP/Ringier, 2011. Available at OCADU Library.

 “Asked & Answered | AA Bronson of General Idea,” by Alexandre de Looz, Pierre. The New York Times Style Magazine, 14 October 2011. Read online.

The Confessions of AA Bronson. by Vincent Simon. (Paris: Septembre éditions, 2011).

“In Conversation: AA Bronson”, Sleek, Berlin, Summer 2013

“General Idea - Interview with AA Bronson” Centre culturel canadien, Paris, 12 June 2014.

“Interview: AA.” Art in Culture, Seoul, December 2014. 150-153.

“AA Bronson on Queer Collaborations, Shamanism, and Korean History,” by Stuart Comer., 9 October 2014.

“AA Bronson: Teetering on the edge of the macabre,” Ignatius, Linus (interviewer) Berlin Art Link, 20 January 2015.

Ian Carr-Harris: Interviews

"Liz Magor in discussion with Ian Carr-Harris." C Magazine 11.Summer (1986). Available online through OCADU Open Research.

"Al McWilliams: Interview and Commentary." Al McWilliams. Lethbridge: Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1989. Available at OCADU Library.

Johanna Householder: Interviews

"Performance Art." Canadian Art Foundation, 2009-2010. View interview online.

"Interview: Johanna Householder: Time Indefinite." By Steve (Stephen) Rife. 100 (OCAD), no. 1 (Winter 1999).

Luis Jacob: Interviews

Interview with Luis Jacob. by Phil Anderson. n.d. Read online.

From Forms to Formations: A Conversation with Luis Jacob by Michael DiRisio. Modern Fuel. n.d.  Read online.

DAN GRAHAM INTERVIEWED BY LUIS JACOB. C : International Contemporary Art, 12/2005. Read online through OCADU Library.

“Face the Arts Interview”, Toronto Life Online, November 2006

Anarchy at documenta. C: International Contemporary Art. .95 (Fall 2007): p14.  Available online through OCADU Library.

“Queer ar t/Queer Anarchy: An Interview with Luis Jacob” in Realizing the Impossible: Art against Authority, interview by Alan Antliff, edited by Josh MacPhee and Erik Reuland (Oakland: AK Press, 2007)

Wildflowers of Manitoba. Noam Gonick and Luis Jacob. Illingworth Kerr Gallery. 2008. Exhibition catalogue includes interviews with the artists.

“From Local Light To Art Star: An Interview With Luis Jacob,” by Oswald Phills, Grapevine (Toronto), Volume 3, Issue 3; April/May 2008

A Generation Between: Luis Jacob Interviews AA Bronson. Sky Goodden, ARTINFO Canada | May 03, 2012.  Read online.

Interview. I heart your work. November 14, 2014. Read online.

Roy Kiyooka: Interviews

Laughter: Four Conversations with Roy Kiyooka, by Gerry Gilbert artscanada #202/203, winter 1975-76. Read online.

Roy Kiyooka: Artspeak Gallery. The Gallery, 1991. Available at OCADU Library.
Contains an artist statement by Kiyooka, quotations from his poetry, and an interview.

Akasiw Maskegon-iskwew: Interviews and Panel Presentations

Ahasiw & Sherrill L'Hirondelle at INDIANacts Conference panel, 30 Nov 2002. Watch interview online.

Ahasiw speaking at INDIANacts Conference panel, 30 Nov 2002. Watch interview online.

Ahasiw INDIANacts interview (interview begins at 14:35)

A longer interview with Ahasiw from grunt gallery's Ahasiw Ghostkeeper website

Ahasiw at INDIANacts (2002) on panel discussing "How do you contend with the violence of making art," "Refugee Children," and "Hollywood and the pedagogy of the oppressed" [watch online]

Electric Living in Canada. [DVD-ROM] by James K-M & Carol Sill. Vancouver: Electric Living Productions, 2003.
On this DVD, Ahasiw is interviewed in this collection of interviews with 90 media artists about their work & significance

Rirkit Tiravanija: Interviews

"10x10: der besten zehn Ausstellungen - der letzten zehn Jahre [10x10: the 10 best exhibitions - the last 10 years]."
Texte zur Kunst 10.40 (Dec. 2000): p. 26-39.
Tiravanija has small contribution (as a transcribed interview) of his opinion of outstanding exhibitions in Europe and the U.S.A. during the 1990s.

"You haven't taught until you see the light bulb in their eyes light up." Art Review (2003).
Artists' comments focusing on careers as teachers and the approaches they employ with their students.

"Providing Free Food." In the Making: Creative Options for Contemporary Art by Linda Weintraub. New York: D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2003

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Interviews. The Conversation Series. 2010. Read at OCADU Library.

Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2004.
Tiravanija talks about The Land Foundation project.

“An Interview with Rirkrit Tiravanija.” Asian Art Newspaper April (2005): p. 6-7.

"Remote Possibility: A Roundtable Discussion on Land Art's Changing Terrain." Artforum 43 (2005): p. 288-296, 366.
Tiravanija is one of moderators in discussion on issues relating to practice of land art

"Interview." Art India 13.3/4 (Sep 2008): p. 29-31.  Available from OCADU Library.
Jordan Troeller interviews Tiravanija, who speaks about his work

On Curating: Interviews with Ten International Curators. Edited by Carolee Thea and Thomas Micchelli. New York: D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2009.

Rirkrit Tiravanija. by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Köln: Walther Konig ; New York: [distribution] outside Europe D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2010.

It Has Only Just Begun. by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Joseph Grigely, and Rirkrit Tiravanija. New York: Printed Matter Inc., 2010. Read at OCADU Library.
Includes transcription of keynote address given by Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with Joseph Grigely and Rirkrit Tiravanija at the 2008 New York Contemporary Artists' Book Conference; includes Tiravanija talking about artists' books.