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Artists as Writers: Interviews with Artists: Film and Video

Genre: Interviews with Artists: Film and Video

This section contains interviews with artists who create films and video art.

Artists on this page:

Richard Fung: Interviews

“Northern Lights: An Interview with John Hanson.” Fuse 4.6 (Nov 1980). p.326-9. Print. Find it at OCADU Library.

A Conversation with Lino Brocka. The Asianadian, vol. 5, no. 2, 1981.

“Eyes on Black Britain: an interview with Isaac Julien.”  Fuse 48 (Winter 1987/88): 25-28. Read online from Richard Fung's website

Misfits Together: Paul Wong on Art, Community and Vancouver in the 1970s and 1980s. in Fuse Magazine vol. 21, no. 3. 1998.  Read online.

Overview: Looking Back and Looking Forward: Richard Fung and Midi Onodera in Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen. ed. Elaine Chang. Coach House Books, 2004.  Available at OCADU Library.

13 Conversations About Art and Cultural Race Politics. Montreal: Artexte Editions, [2002].

"Images of Disturbance: Richard Fung in Conversation with Amar Kanwar." Fuse Magazine 32.4 (2009): 18-24. [available from ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM)]

Michael Hoolboom: Interviews

"Except as Monsters: An Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Francis Crant (Vancouver 1992)."  Read online.

"What He Said: An Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Dirk de Bruyn (Vancouver, 1993)."  Read online.

Interviews with Hoolboom about House of Pain:  "House of Pain Interview" (Berlin 1995), and "House of Pain: An Interview with Noam Gonnick" (1995). Read online.

Interviews with Hoolboom about Panic Bodies (1998).   Read online.

"Mike Hoolboom Interview" by Cameron Bailey Lux: A Decade of Artists' Films and Video. Eds. Steve Reinke and Tom Taylor. Pleasure Dome & YYZ Books, 2000.  Available at OCADU Library.

"Copyright and Biography: An interview about Tom." June 2002.  Read online.

"Imitations of Life: An Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Tibor and Noémi" 2003.  Read online.

Interviews with Hoolboom about Public Lighting. Read all interviews online.

  •  "Public Lighting: An Interview" (Sept. 2004)
  •  "Animals That Make Pictures: An Interview about Public Lighting by Tomá Tetiva and Petra Veselá" (October 2004)
  •  "Tragedy, Power and Possibility: Always on the Chase for Pictures of My Own: An Interview by Jindriska Blahova" (October 2004)

Interviews with Hoolboom about The Invisible Man: "You are Not Yourself: An Interview about The Invisible Man" and   "Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Bob and Marina Black."  Read online.

"My Body is a Picture: Colin Geary Interview." 2006.  Read online.

Interviews with Hoolboom about Fascination. Read all interviews online.

  • "Too Late: An Interview with Tom McSorley" (May 2007)
  • "An Interview with Eduardo Thomas for the Ambulante Festival December 2006"
  • "Mike Hoolboom/Mieka Bal Talk Moderated by Lisa Steele" (Images Festival, April 2006)

"Action Figure Re-Mix: An Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Nadia Tan and Olga Barsky."  Jan 2007.  Read online.

Interviews about The Steve Machine. Read online.

  • "Coach House Books asks Mike Hoolboom A Few Things About The Steve Machine
  • "Good Candy: An Interview with Jason Anderson (December 2008)."

"Showing Pictures: A Conversation with Yann Beauvais and Mike Hoolboom." Michael Hoolboom, 2008.  Read online.

"Borrowed Time and Stealing Pictures: An Interview with Mike Hoolboom by Owen Sheppard." 2008. Read online.

"Well Known Secrets: An Interview by Arshad Khan." 2009.  Read online.

interviews with Hoolboom about his film Mark

  • "Intelligent Wounds: An Interview with Abina Manning" (November 2009) 
  • "The Fiction I Name as Myself by Jason Whyte" (January 2010) 
  • "The World is Disappearing: An Interview with Adam Nayman" (March 2010) 
  • "Animal Voices: An Interview with Jason Boughton" (April 2010)
  • "The Pleasures of Waiting: Jean Perret and Mike Hoolboom in Jihlava" (October 2009) 

5 video interviews with Hoolboom from Visible City Project + Archive.

  • "On Writing and Toronto"
  • "The Approach Towards Filmmaking"
  • "Film Collectives and the Image"
  • "Globalization, Transnationalism and Mexico"
  • "Memory and Found Footage"

Everybody Loves Nothing: Video 1996-2004. By Steve Reinke. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2004.
Hoolboom is interviewed regarding Reinke and provides overread of Reinke's career, artistic themes, and ambitions

"Showing Pictures: A Conversation with Yann Beauvais and Mike Hoolboom." Michael Hoolboom, 2008. Read online.

"Ethics of Light: An Interview by Amanda Dawn Christie." 2010.  Read online.

For a full list of Michael Hoolboom's interviews, please visit his website.