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Artists as Writers: Genre: Fiction

Genre: Fiction

This section contains fiction that was written by artists, including both novels and short stories.

Artists on this page:

Eldon Garnet: Novels and short prose


I Shot Mussolini. Toronto: Impulse Editions, 1989. Available at OCADU Library.
Entering history gun in hand, Eldon Garnet found the room deserted, or filled with the babble of the media. What else is there to do for a tentative tyrannicide but kill time, and a few celebrities? I Shot Mussolini brilliantly manages to turn politics into fiction and terror into tourism.

Reading Brooke Shields, The Garden of Failure. Semiotext(e), 1995. Available at OCADU Library.
This dialogue about depression and culture constitutes Canadian author Eldon Garnet's "confessions" as a failed cultural critic who, after writing all his life, is faced once again with the desire.

Lost Between the Edges. Los Angeles, CA: Semiotext(e); Cambridge, Mass.: Distributed by the MIT Press, 2007. Available at OCADU Library.
In Eldon Garnet's Lost Between the Edges, a feverish intellectual, frustrated by the failures of government, acts alone to eliminate an infamous Holocaust denier.

Short Prose

"Have I Seen the Future?" in Flux. Toronto: OCAD, 1997.

Michael Hoolboom: Essays and Fiction

Fictional Prose

The Steve Machine: A Novel. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2008.  Available at OCADU Library.


Other Writing (topics including meditation, Buddhism, friendship)

Documentary. By Michael Hoolboom, 2007.  Read online.

"Light Cone Letter." Michael Hoolboom, 2007.  Read online.

"White Like Me." Michael Hoolboom, 2007.  Read online.

"Marking." Michael Hoolboom, 2008.  Read online.

"London Foreword." Michael Hoolboom, 2008.  Read online.
"A script from an unmade movie."

"Notes on Attention, Projection, Foreplay, and the Second Encounter." Michael Hoolboom, 2010.  Read online.

"White Noise." Michael Hoolboom, 2010.  Read online.

"Downward Dogs and Trojan Horses." Michael Hoolboom, Dec 2010.  Read online.

Preceptions. Ed. Michael Hoolboom. Toronto: Centre of Gravity, 2011.
Hoolboom is editor and also writes short piece "Honesty" (p.75-77). A collection of materials from Centre of Gravity's course on Buddhist precepts

"The Lotus Sutra." Michael Hoolboom, Mar 2011.  Read online.

Introduction to Awake in the World by Michael Stone at book launch Michael Hoolboom, Shambhala Centre, June 9, 2011.  Read online.

"Music of Silence." Michael Hoolboom, Yoga Festival, Aug 2011.  Read online.

"Sandokai (Notes on a five day retreat at Centre of Gravity, 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto, September 25-29, 2011)."  Michael Hoolboom, Sep 2011.   Read online.

"Occupy Friendship." Michael Hoolboom, Nov 2011.  Read online.

"100 Years of Experts: Baboons, Ice, Prisoners." Michael Hoolboom, Nov 2011.  Read online.

"Striking a Pose." Michael Hoolboom, Mar 2012.  Read online.

"Leaving Home." Michael Hoolboom, Apr 2012.  Read online.

For a full list of Michael Hoolboom's fiction and essays, please visit his website.

Akasiw Maskegon-iskwew: Fiction

Cannibal God. Part of Storybook Story exhibition curated by Luanne Martineau. Art Gallery of Calgary, 2002. Read online from Ahasiw's website.

Nancy Paterson: Prose Fiction

"VCR Story." The Capilano Review  2.50 (Feb 2007): 110.
A short creative writing piece