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Artists as Writers: Genre: Poetry

Genre: Poetry

This section contains poetry by artists.

Artists on this page:

Emily Carr: Poetry

Poetry (or "Doggerel Verses" - how Carr referred to her verses, quoted from Growing Pains, p. 236)

Pause: A Sketch Book. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1953.
Sketches, drawings, verses about Carr's 18-month stay in an English sanitorium after she became ill while studying art at London's Westminster School in 1902. Available at OCADU Library.

Emily Carr, 1871-1945: London, and Student Sojourn 1901: Reproduction. Victoria: British Columbia Archives collection, Royal BC Museum Corp. Phyllis Inglis Collection, presented by the National Museums of Canada, [Ottawa]: 1985.
A reproduction of a book of poems by Emily Carr for an exhibition held in 1985.

The Olsson Student, London Student Sojourn, Alaska Journal are all also illustrated narratives with "doggerel verses" (Growing Pains, p.236) by Carr; all in the collections of the Royal BC Museum & Archives, except Alaska Journal whose whereabouts are unknown.

Eldon Garnet: Poetry

Poetry: Solo Works

Angel. Erin, Ont.: Press Porcépic, 1972. Available at OCADU Library.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, illustrated by Brian Trevers.

Asparagus. Toronto: Missing Link Press in cooperation with Rumblestillpress, 1973. Available at OCADU Library.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, designed & illustrated by Brian Trevers.

The Last Adventure. Ottawa: Oberon, 1974.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, graphics by Toni Onley

Landescapes: Pacific Coast Photographs. Toronto: Impressions, 1976.
Poem by Eldon Garnet, photographs by Art Grice

Brebeuf: A Martyrdom of Jean de. Don Mills,Ont.: Musson, 1977. Available at OCADU Library.



Garnet Eldon's work appears in the following anthologies:

T.O. Now : The Young Toronto Poets. Toronto: House of Anansi, 1968. Available at OCADU Library.

Acta. Toronto: Victoria College Union, 1969.

On The Bias. Innis College Student Society, 1969.

Notes for a Native Land. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1969.

Thumbprints: An Anthology of Hitchhiking Poems. Toronto: Peter Martin, 1969.

The Earth and You. Toronto: Sherwood, 1971.

A Three Legged Tiger. York Literary Series 3 (1971).

"Fog" The Canadian Forum. Toronto: Jan/Feb 1972.

Image Bag. Printed Matter. Myth Structure. Limited edition magazine, 5.June (1974).

Aurora (1978). Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1978. Available at OCADU Library.

Deciphering American: A Travelling Collection. Amsterdam: Kontext Publications, 1978.

MATRIX. Lennoxville, Quebec: Champlain Regional College, 1978.

Aurora (1979). Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1979. Available at OCADU Library.

Lawren Harris: Poetry

Lawren Harris: contrasts : in the ward-- a book of poetry and paintings.  Exile editions, 2012.  Available at OCADU Library.

A.Y. Jackson: Poetry

Untitled poem about camping at Danville, 1906. Poem can be found in Young A.Y. Jackson: Lindsay A. Evans' Memories 1902-6. Ed. Naomi Groves Jackson. Ottawa: EDAHL Productions, c1982. 

Roy Kiyooka: Poetry


Kyoto Airs. designed and printed by Takao Tanabe at Periwinkle Press, Vancouver 1964
Inspired by a visit to Japan in 1963. Listen to Kiyooka read poems from this book on SpokenWeb.

Nevertheless These Eyes. Printed at the Coach House Press, Toronto 1967. Available at OCADU Library.
A book of poems and some artwork. Listen to Kiyooka read poems from this book on SpokenWeb.

"The Women Say What I like." boundary 2 Vol. 3, No. 1, A Canadian Issue (Autumn, 1974), p. 121. Read through OCADU Library.
Single poem published in a journal.

The Fountainebleau Dream Machine: 18 Frames from A Book of Rhetorick. Coach House Press, Toronto 1977

StoneDGloves. Coach House Press, Toronto 1970. Repr.: 1983.
A poetic and photographic project.

Pear Tree Pomes 1987. Illus. by David Bolduc. Coach House Press, Toronto 1987.
Nominated for the 1987 Governor General Award.

Pacific Windows: Collected Poems of Roy K. Kiyoka. Roy Miki (ed.). Talonbooks, Burnaby, B.C. 1997.

1982 and dawn: Jan. 18th '85, my 59th year Literary Review of Canada Vol. 13, Iss. 7,  (Sep 2005): 19. Read online through OCADU Library.
Two poems.

Roy Kiyooka: The Artist & the Moose: A Fable of Forget. Roy Miki (ed.). LINEbooks, Burnaby, B.C., 2009.