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Artists as Writers: Garnet, Eldon

Artist Biography

(Photo from OCAD Faculty Biography website)

GARNET, Eldon (1946 - ) 

Professor at OCAD University

Areas of Expertise
Contemporary Photography, Public Art, Sculpture

Eldon Garnet is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Toronto. Surveys of his sculptures and photographic work have been held at the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and the Amsterdam Center of Photography. His novel, Reading Brooke Shields: The Garden of Failure was published by Semiotext(e), in 1995. Impulse Archaeology, a collection of articles from his years at Impulse, was released by the University of Toronto Press in 2005. His novel “Lost Between The Edges” was published by Semiotext(e), MIT. His recent novel, Categories of Disappearance is available from He is also well known for his public art works including The Memorial for the Chinese Railroad Workers located in Toronto.From 1975–1990 he was the editor of Impulse, a Canadian magazine of art and culture. He is represented by the Christopher Cutts Gallery Toronto and Torch Gallery, Amsterdam.He is a professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

Represented Galleries:

Above biography from Eldon Garnet’s website

Online Resources

Eldon Garnet website

Eldon Garnet artist profile on Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art

Writing by Eldon Garnet

Please note that not all works are available through the OCADU library. To acquire one of these works through Interlibrary Loan or other means, please contact the library for assistance.

Eldon Garnet: Writing about art

Articles in Impulse magazine (as editor and contributor). Toronto: 1971-1990. 

  • "El topo: A film by Alexandro Jodorowsky." Impulse Spring (1975). 
  • "A Critical Investigation." Impulse Winter (1977).

"Allegory: To Speak Other Wise." C Magazine 6.Summer (1985): p. 20-22. Available online from C Magazine.

"Fight Against the Dying of the Light." Our Thresholds. Tokyo: Workshop for Architecture and Urbanism, 1991.

"Boston's Holocaust Memorial Designs Miss the Point." The Jewish Advocate 7 June 1991.

"Purgatory: The Gate." Toronto: Yellowhat, 1997.

"Freeing Art From the Tyranny of Physical Ability." The Globe and Mail 15 Oct 1999, C.10. Available at OCADU Library.

Mimesis Antimimesis in Photography. [Toronto: The Artist], 2003. Available at OCADU Library.

"Favourites: Blade Runner." Montage Summer (2003): p. 40.

Impulse Archaeology. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005.  Available at OCADU Library.
A book about the magazine Impulse.

"Frieze Art Fair, London." Canadian Art 25.1 Spring (2008): p. 84-86. Available at OCADU Library.

"Show Time: The World's Most Glamorous Vocational Schools." Canadian Art 25.4 Winter (2008): p. 94-97. Available at OCADU Library.

Untitled text contribution in exhibition catalogue Empire of Dreams. Toronto: Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, October 2010.

Eldon Garnet: Novels and short prose


I Shot Mussolini. Toronto: Impulse Editions, 1989. Available at OCADU Library.
Entering history gun in hand, Eldon Garnet found the room deserted, or filled with the babble of the media. What else is there to do for a tentative tyrannicide but kill time, and a few celebrities? I Shot Mussolini brilliantly manages to turn politics into fiction and terror into tourism.

Reading Brooke Shields, The Garden of Failure. Semiotext(e), 1995. Available at OCADU Library.
This dialogue about depression and culture constitutes Canadian author Eldon Garnet's "confessions" as a failed cultural critic who, after writing all his life, is faced once again with the desire.

Lost Between the Edges. Los Angeles, CA: Semiotext(e); Cambridge, Mass.: Distributed by the MIT Press, 2007. Available at OCADU Library.
In Eldon Garnet's Lost Between the Edges, a feverish intellectual, frustrated by the failures of government, acts alone to eliminate an infamous Holocaust denier.

Short Prose

"Have I Seen the Future?" in Flux. Toronto: OCAD, 1997.

Eldon Garnet: Poetry

Poetry: Solo Works

Angel. Erin, Ont.: Press Porcépic, 1972. Available at OCADU Library.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, illustrated by Brian Trevers.

Asparagus. Toronto: Missing Link Press in cooperation with Rumblestillpress, 1973. Available at OCADU Library.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, designed & illustrated by Brian Trevers.

The Last Adventure. Ottawa: Oberon, 1974.
Poems by Eldon Garnet, graphics by Toni Onley

Landescapes: Pacific Coast Photographs. Toronto: Impressions, 1976.
Poem by Eldon Garnet, photographs by Art Grice

Brebeuf: A Martyrdom of Jean de. Don Mills,Ont.: Musson, 1977. Available at OCADU Library.



Garnet Eldon's work appears in the following anthologies:

T.O. Now : The Young Toronto Poets. Toronto: House of Anansi, 1968. Available at OCADU Library.

Acta. Toronto: Victoria College Union, 1969.

On The Bias. Innis College Student Society, 1969.

Notes for a Native Land. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1969.

Thumbprints: An Anthology of Hitchhiking Poems. Toronto: Peter Martin, 1969.

The Earth and You. Toronto: Sherwood, 1971.

A Three Legged Tiger. York Literary Series 3 (1971).

"Fog" The Canadian Forum. Toronto: Jan/Feb 1972.

Image Bag. Printed Matter. Myth Structure. Limited edition magazine, 5.June (1974).

Aurora (1978). Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1978. Available at OCADU Library.

Deciphering American: A Travelling Collection. Amsterdam: Kontext Publications, 1978.

MATRIX. Lennoxville, Quebec: Champlain Regional College, 1978.

Aurora (1979). Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1979. Available at OCADU Library.

Eldon Garnet: Writing about poetry and literature

Book Review. Saturday Night, January (1970). New Leaf Publications.

"Fading Resonance." Books in Canada 1.2 Aug/Sep (1971): p. 21.
Book review of The Hunting Dark by Robin Skelton

The Unsounded: A Critical Anthology of English Canadian Poetry of the 1960's and the Early 1970's. Thesis (M.A.) York University, 1973.

"Pages From the Journal." C Magazine, Fall (1979).

"William Burroughs." Impulse 15.4 (1990).

"Video Green: Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness." Canadian Art 22.1 Spring (2005): p. 36.
Available at OCADU Library.

Eldon Garnet: Film Reviews

"El topo: A film by Alexandro Jodorowsky." Impulse Spring (1975). 

"Favourites: Blade Runner." Montage Summer (2003): p. 40. 

Impulse Archaeology. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005.  Available at OCADU Library.
A book about the magazine Impulse.

Eldon Garnet: Other Writing

Articles in Impulse magazine (as editor and contributor). Toronto: 1971-1990:

  • "Personal Hygiene: Dental Floss vs. Periodontal Disease." Impulse 7.3 Winter (1979).
  • "Escapism." Impulse Fall/Winter (1980).
  • "Expo 1986." Impulse 12.1 Summer (1986).
  • "Homeless." Impulse 15.2 (1989): p. 18-21. Available at OCADU Library.
  • "The Last Editorial." Impulse 15.4 (1990): p. 3.

"Debats/Issues: Public Signs." Parachute 63.July-Sep (1991): p. 48-51. Available at OCADU Library.

"Fear of Symbols." C Magazine Summer (1995): p. 11-14. Read online from C Magazine.

"Slings and Arrows." Toronto Life Magazine 30.16 November (1996). Available at OCADU Library.