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Artists as Writers: Adam, Peggy

Artist Biography

(Image © Peggy Adam)

ADAM, Peggy (1974 - )

Graduate of OCAD University

Areas of Expertise
Comics, Online Comics, Graphic Novels, Children’s Books, Women’s Issues


Peggy Adam attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Saint-Étienne, the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD University) in Toronto, and the École Supérieure de l'Image d'Angoulême (ESI).

She is a French illustrator and comic book artist who has designed posters for the Angoulême International Comics Festival and Tulle's theater as well as contributed cartoons to newspapers and magazines including Le Monde, Libération, Femme Actuelle, Femina, and Bang (many of these drawings can be found on her personal website).

Peggy has authored and drawn numerous graphic novels in addition to her most famous work Luchadoras, written in French and translated into Spanish, Italian, and English. She has also contributed complete comic strip stories to publications like Bile noire and comic anthologies.

Peggy collaborates with Coconino World and many of her comics can be found on the Coconino website. In addition, Peggy has written and illustrated many works of children's literature. 

Peggy has participated in many international comic festivals and exhibitions. She was nominated for the 2001 Alph-Art jeunes talents prize (now called the Exposition Jeunes Talents) at the 2001 Festival International de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême. Luchadoras was part of the Sélection Officielle of the 2007 Festival International de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême.

She now lives in Geneva, where she is engaged with her new community and designs posters for the library of Paquis and for the Spoutnik Cinema in addition to a regular comics section in Le Courrier newspaper.

Above biography translated by Farah C., compiled from Peggy's biographies at Les Incorruptibles, Evene, La Charte des auteurs et des illustrateurs jeunesse, la cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image.

Online Resources

Peggy Adam's website with many of her illustrations (posters, newspapers, magazines, illustrated children's literature) and online access to select short comics.

 Peggy Adam's blog with her comics from Le Courrier, festival and exhibition information, pictures from her travels to Japan & elsewhere, and pictures/information/stories of her Minisolex dolls.

 Peggy Adam's page on Coconino World providing online access to many of Peggy's comics.

Peggy Adam's Ultra Book site with her illustrations and artwork from all her books.

Writing by Peggy Adam

Please note that not all works are available through the OCADU library. To acquire one of these works through Interlibrary Loan or other means, please contact the library for assistance.

Peggy Adam: Writing about her own art

Tchétchénie  n.d.  Published on Coconino World.
Artist statement about the comic Tchétchénie. Read online (click on Peggy's name, first on the list on the left).

Peggy Adam: Interviews

"A Strange Kind of Courage: An Interview with Peggy Adam." Avoid the Future. 23 Mar 2011.
An interview about Adam’ comic book Luchadoras. Read online.

"Peggy Adam." Low Valley. BDetente. 2009. Web.
 An interview in French, conducted by Low Valley during 2009 BD-Fil Festival international de bande dessinée de Lausanne. Read online via Wayback Machine.

Peggy Adam: Graphic Novels

Plus ou moins... (comic series, French only). Atrabile.

Luchadoras. Blank Slate. 2011. Available at OCADU Library.
Graphic novel based on the real-life murders of over 400 women in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez. Available in English.

La Grocha.  Atrabile, 2012.
Science fiction comic book.

Peggy Adam: Children's Literature

Petits et perdus!  L'école des loisirs, 2003 Available at OCADU Library.

La p'tite histoire. by Jaulin Yannick and Peggy Adam. Geste éd, 2004. Available at OCADU Library.

Les pandas rêvent aussi by Peggy Adam and David Benito.  Bleu de Chine, 2006

Pax ! Savoir vivre ensemble à l'école by various authors. Bedetheque, 2007
11 comics with independent stories by 11 different artists. Includes one comic by Peggy Adam.

Peggy Adam: Comics

Comics in Bile noire (Serial publication). Genève: Atrabile

  • Various contributions, Vol 16 (2007)
  • Cover art, “Editorial”(p.1-12), and "Le plus beau jour de ma vie" (p.25-32), Vol 17 (2010)

Comics in Cafécreed (Serial publication.) Angoulême: Café Creed

  • Tryptique « Sans titre » ¡ Escondida ! (1999)
  • “Medium Oevum Amor.” Baboab. (2000)

Comics in Chococreed (Serial publication). Angoulême: Café Creed

  • “Les villes bulles," Choco Creed n°1, spécial «Science Fiction» (2002) Read online. 
  • “Lili la poisse.” Choco Creed n°3, spécial «Tendresse». (2004) Read online 

Comics in Coconino World (Online Comics)
To access comics, visit Coconico World and click on Peggy Adam (top left).

  • Petites histoires du jardin vert.  (1999)
  • Arara.  (n.d.) 
  • Arawak (voyage à la Guadeloupe).  (n.d.) 
  • Érotik. (n.d.) 
  • Le grand soir (animales). (n.d.) 
  • Le grand soir (le sabbat).  (n.d.) 
  • Tibet. (n.d.) 
  • Varan (n.d.) Tchétchénie (n.d.) 
  • Voyage au Cambodge.  (n.d.) 

Comics in Lapislazuli (Serial publication) Angoulême: Café Creed
Various contributions to this publication.

  • Untitled story (Histoire sans titre), Vol. 3 (1998)
  • Untitled story (Histoire sans titre), Vol. 4 (1999)
  • Untitled contributions, Blue, blau, blue (2001)

"Eh ! vise un peu la blonde." Ego comme x, n°8. Angoulême: Ego comme X, 2002.

"Le Pon Pon (numéro 2)." Pon Comix, 2005. p. 3-6
Adam contributed a full comic (drawings & text).

Terriens: planches contre le racisme. Montreal: Mécanique générale: Les 400 coups, 2006.
Peggy Adam is one of 29 artists who contributes to this book of comics 

SOS-Aircraft: Comix Strip Safety Instructions.  Lausanne: BD-FIL - Festival international de bande dessinée de Lausanne; Genève: La Joie de lire, 2007.
This book (exhibition catalogue) accompanied the 2007 BD-FIL Festival de bande dessinée de Lausanne, where 19 artists interpreted airline safety instructions. Read information about the exhibition.  Read all 19 comics online.

La Maison Close. Various artists. Paris: Delcourt, 2009.
Peggy Adam is one of many artists who contributed to this book of comics.