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Using the Library Catalogue: Search Tips

The library catalogue provides access to the library's physical collections, including: print books, print serials (journals & magazines), DVDs, and VHS tapes (yes, we still have these!). Also included are some of the special print collections such as the

General Search Tips

KEYWORD SEARCH: search collections using keyword terms. You can enter a general keyword which will search across all fields or you may narrow the search to just one field (e.g. subject, title, author, etc.)

BROWSE: search an alphabetical list.

For example, choose title option from the drop-down, enter search term "installation". The system will retrieve all books with titles that start with the word "installation".

ADVANCED SEARCH: offers advanced search options such as the ISBN, ISSN, publisher/gallery, and rare book collection searches.

COURSE RESERVES: search for course texts by course code or instructor name.

Search for Exhibition Catalogues

BY ARTIST: On the Keyword Search page, enter "exhibition" and name of artist, subject, gallery, etc., in the general search.

e.g. "exhibition" and "Micah Lexier"

BY GALLERY: On the Advanced Search screen, select "Publisher/Gallery" from the drop-down menu. Enter the name of the gallery.

Search the Rare Book Collection

On the Advanced Search screen, enter a search term (from either the general, author, or title keyword options) and select "Rare Book Collection" from the limiters.

Search for Artists' Books

KEYWORD: On the Keyword Search page, enter "artists' book" and the name of the artist or any other keyword.

e.g. "artists' book" and "blue"

TITLE: If you know the title of the artists' book, go to the "Browse" page and select "title" from the drop-down menu.

Additional Tips

Additional search tips can be found in the "How Do I Research" libguide.