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Course Reserves: Requesting Reserves

Guide to using Library E-Reserves and Print Reserves Services

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Requesting E-Reserves

The Course Reserves tab in Canvas allows instructors to request books, articles and individual readings to be made available online and in the library. In order to submit reading requests you will need to first enable the Course Reserves tab on your Course Navigation Menu following the instructions in this Knowledge Base article.

Adding Book Chapters or Articles

To request an item to be held on e-reserve, start by clicking the "Add Reserve Items" button.

  1. Make sure the checkbox next to "This is an article or book chapter (e-reserve)" is checked.
  2. Fill out the required fields (ex. Article or Book Chapter Title, Pages, Author, etc), adding all the information you know about the article or book
  3. Near the bottom of the page there is a box for "tagging" your reserves. For more on tagging, see the tab in this guide describing that function.
  4. At the bottom of the page you can select one of four ways reserve staff can access the item. You can choose to either upload the file you want to share with students (click here for file restriction details), to tell reserve staff where you found it online, to bring in a copy for reserve staff to scan, or to get reserve staff to find it (this is the most commonly selected option). 
  5. Click "Save Item" to submit your request. (If you selected "I'll Upload a File" you will then be directed to a page where you can upload the PDF.)

 * Note: articles or chapters cannot exceed 20% of a work. For more information on copyright allowances, see the university's copyright policy

If you are using more than 20% of a book it cannot be scanned for e-reserve. But you have other options:

  • Check to see if the library carries an e-book with an "Unlimited User" status. If the title is a "Limited User Title," once the maximum number of users have opened the ebook, other users will have to wait to access the ebook.
  • Order the title in to the book store for students to purchase. Follow this link for information on ordering in textbooks through the Store for Computers and Books.
  • If your class is small enough to share one or two copies of the book, put the entire book on print reserve in the library (see below for details on adding print reserves).

If you're teaching multiple courses or sections of a course in which you are using the same readings, you don't have to re-enter them for each course. See the Re-Using Reserves tab for instructions on how to clone e-reserves from other courses.

Requesting Print Reserves

Adding Print Reserves

To request an entire book, journal or other physical work, deselect the box beside "This is an Article or Book Chapter (E-Reserve)." The page will transform to give you new input boxes in order to add identifying information so e-reserves staff can locate the work.

Please use the notes section to let staff know how long you would like the item to be kept on hold for your course.

At the bottom of both forms is linked text that, when pressed, will give you space to enter an ISSN, ISBN or Call Number. If you have any of this information, it will help the e-reserve staff to locate your request faster. 

E-Learning Help

For help buiding and navigating your Canvas course pages, see the Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre's information about E-Learning and Canvas.