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English Language Resources: Writing

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Writing Strategies

For ELL students, becoming a better writer in English can lead to discovering your voice in a new language. It means that you will be able to share your stories, experiences and expertise. At the WLC, we can guide students through every step of the writing process: brainstorming, reflecting, forming a thesis, drafting and editing, so that you can become a more confident writer.

The WLC website has online resources and handouts to help you with academic skills and writing. Hard copies of other handouts can also be found both inside and outside the centre. Here's the links to some of them:

If you are struggling with what plagarism means in your discipline, the WLC holds regular workshops on Academic Integrity for OCAD U students. You can register on our website and learn more about written and visual plagiarism and how to recognize and avoid it.

Visit OCAD U’s page on Academic Integrity to full the full policy on academic misconduct, academic appeals, the Canvas Academic Integrity Modules and Library Research Guides on research help. If you have any questions about academic integrity at OCAD U, it's important to ask.

Artists' Statements and Reflective Writing

There are a number of writing assignments that are specific to art and design. You will be asked to reflect on your work, to write personal statements and process essays, and to review and evaluate your own and other's work. The WLC has developed tipsheets to help with these forms of writing, which are available here and in person on our resource wall. 

Grammar Resources

If you will be doing a lot of writing during your time at OCAD U, it may be a good idea to invest in a style or grammar guide and coming to the WLC to work with a tutor to understand the kind of errors you make and how to fix them on your own.

Online Grammar Resources