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English Language Resources: Speaking

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Presentation and Critique Strategies

While there are a few rare people who are naturally good at public speaking, for most people, presentations and critiques can be stressful. If you’re an English language learner at OCAD U, you can book an appointment with an ELL tutor to practice your presentations and to learn strategies to help you with every stage of your presentation.

Here’s a checklist of what to focus on before, during and after your presentation or critique.

Stages What to focus on
Before the presentation
  • Preparing content, notes, slides, visuals, etc.
  • Practicing and timing presentation
  • Checking pronunciation of difficult words
During the presentation
  • Delivering your content clearly and naturally
  • Telling a story and giving strong examples
  • Defining concepts and teaching something new
  • Speaking at a comfortable speed and volume
  • Using body language and eye contact
  • Asking for feedback and generating discussion
  • Responding to feedback and constructive criticism
After the presentation
  • Reviewing feedback
  • Noting strengths and areas for improvement
  • Actively listening while others present

You can find specific tips using the links below:

Group Discussion and Participation

Participation includes active listening, asking questions in class, communicating with your instructor, responding to others, and working in groups. These activities are key to your success as a student and to your sense of belonging within your community. Check the WLC frequently for workshops and get involved by joining clubs, publications and activities at OCAD U.

Pronunciation Resources

A tutor can help you to use resources such as the phonetic dictionary, minimal pairs and pronunciation dictionaries which you can then continue to use for self-study.