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Reference Services for Instruction: Library Site-Interventions

Library-Site Interventions

Diego Franzoni, Underlining Research, 2006, Masking Tape, Mixed Media Installation.

How can I get Involved?

Site Interventions in the Library is a program run intermittently from 2006 that emulates studio-based models in information literacy.  

  • At the outset, students attend a seminar in the OCAD Library where guiding library philosophies and organizational practices are presented and, most importantly, critiqued.  
  • Afterwards, as students begin processing ideas, they present a description of their projects to OCAD U reference librarians to ensure that the works do not compromise daily circulation and reference services; a situation that would, in effect, demonstrate a failure to grasp the ultimate objectives of the entire exhibition project.  
  • Finally, we request that final critiques be held in the Library space with the full participation of a reference librarian. 

For examples of past exhibitions:

Interested to participating?

  • contact: Daniel Payne, Head, Reference & Instructional Services for more information