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Reference Services for Instruction: DIY Book Displays

DIY Book Displays

Found a book that is a hidden treasure in the library?

Are there library books that you want the OCAD U community to read?

Have a unique area of research that you know will inspire OCAD U student researchers?

Want to give a unique library-themed assignment to students in a class?



How can I get Involved? eBooks

Here's how it works for ebooks:

  1. Contact Daniel Payne, Head of Reference & Instructional Service (  
  2. Include
    • a thematic title for the online book display
    • a brief description to be included with the display 
    • a selection of ebook titles that may be included (note that librarians can help in identifying titles), using: 

How can I get Involved? Print Books

For print books (temporarily closed during the Covid-19 period): 

  1. talk to librarians at the reference desk and see if the table is available;
  2. select the books for your display and bring them to the reference desk; we'll ensure that they are signed out to a "display status"
  3. we can set them up for you, or if you have 10 minutes to spare, feel free to arrange them yourself
  4. you can remain anonymous or include your name by providing any signage that you feel is appropriate, or feel free to let viewers guess what the theme is
  5. we'll keep the display up for at least one week, but note that people can sign out the books from the display. So if all your books are signed out within the week...your book display was a success!

We will not curate, constrain, or censor any of your selections; if you feel that the display will be informative and entertaining for OCAD U students, staff, and faculty, then we'll help you make it happen!