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What's in the Library: Periodicals: Newspapers

Find out more about our collections of THE best print publications that will help you get creative; and you won't find them anywhere else!

What is a Newspaper?


A NEWSPAPER is a periodical that:

  • covers news, current events, special interest stories entries
  • provides articles selected by an editor/editorial board (not peer reviewed)
  • does not use footnotes or endnotes

What is the benefit of newspapers?

  • to inform or educate the general public
  • to provide current events in a timely manner; so newspapers are often published daily
  • to provide a rigorously vetted fact-checking to avoid propagation of false information or facts
  • to read editorial commentary form seasoned journalists to interpret currents events
  • to become familiar with political and social developments in a community environment; oftentimes newspapers are targeted to a local or geographically specific readership
  • to become familiar with international political and social developments and interpreted to a specific local community or geographically specific readership


  • journalists, internal editorial staff or freelance writers
  • large, international newswire agencies
  • fact-checking editorial staff who verify the validity of information sources


  • private, commercial companies OR
  • non-profit organizations


Examples of Newspapers

Note that the OCAD U Library does not subscribe to print newspapers, but offers hundreds of online subscriptions. To access online newspapers use:

Examples of Online Newspaper in the OCAD U E-Resources collection:

But it looks like a newspaper?

Just because a periodical looks like a newspaper, this doesn't mean that it is!

Below are examples of journals that are published in using newsprint with a similar design as a newspaper, but instead are distinguished and noteworthy journals!