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What's in the Library: Periodicals: Magazines

Find out more about our collections of THE best print publications that will help you get creative; and you won't find them anywhere else!

What is a Magazine?


A MAGAZINE is a periodical that:

  • offers news, current events, special interest stories and information on hobbies
  • includes articles selected by an editorial board (not peer reviewed)
  • rarely uses footnotes or endnotes
  • contains extensive advertising

What is the benefit of the editorial process?

  • to provide retrospective interpretation of culture or current events, thus magazines are often published monthly
  • to inform or entertain wider, public audience
  • to provide contemporary, cutting-edge developments in society, culture, or communities
  • to provide a forum for people to comment or critique society, culture, or communities
  • to access information that is the particular viewpoint or opinions of individual authors
  • to access information that offers a particular cultural viewpoint based on the mandate of the editorial board


  • internal editorial staff OR
  • professional journalists OR
  • freelance writers


  • private, commercial companies OR
  • non-profit organizations:






Examples of Magazine in Print