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What's in the Library: Periodicals: Peer-Reviewed Journals

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What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?


A JOURNAL is a periodical that:

  • publishes articles, essays, or research papers
  • has content subject to a peer-review process
  • includes bibliography and detailed footnotes or endnotes.

What is the peer-review process?

  • before any article is published, it must be read and approved by a board of scholars who decide whether it is worthy of being included in a scholarly journal

What is the benefit of peer-review?

  • to advance scholarship or critical dialogue in a field of study for academic audience
  • to share results of research studies
  • to provide a forum for researchers to comment or critique other research studies
  • to access information that is not only the research of an individual author, but also incorporates the knowledge of a board of advisors, so the article is a more dialogic form of publishing

Who maintains the peer-review process?


  • academic researchers and scholars


  • universities, academic organizations or scholarly presses:


How do I know if  a journal is peer-reviewed?

Check the first few pages of the periodical to see:

  • if it is published by a university or academic organization OR
  • if a there is an advisory board listed OR
  • if the submission guidelines for articles describe the peer-review process OR
  • ask a librarian or a faculty member

For examples of how to evaluate a periodical for peer-review, see examples from:


Examples of Peer-Reviewed Journals in Print