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What's in the Library: Periodicals: Annuals

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What is an Annual?


An ANNUAL is a periodical that:

  • is published annually by professional organizations or associations usually in the various fields of design
  • covers award-winning designs and designers
  • may provide articles selected by an jury members which serves as a form of professional peer review
  • includes biographies and profiles of designers and design firms
  • does not use footnotes or endnotes

What is the benefit of annuals?

  • to profile and celebrate visionary designs and designers within specific design media such as graphic design, illustration, industrial design, typography
  • to offer context to specific geographic or national design traditions
  • to provide examples of innovative design to inspire excellence in various fields of design
  • to view images of award-winning design that may not necessarily be available on the open internet due to proprietary concerns

Who are the jury members who maintain the professional peer-review process?


  • top-level successful designers who form the jury members for deciding on awards


  • private, commercial companies OR
  • non-profit organizations


Examples of Print Annuals