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What is Information Literacy: Research as Inquiry

Research as Inquiry

Research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers in turn develop additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field.

"Research as Inquiry" Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016.

What is Scholarly Inquiry?


  • How do I know if an author is OMITTING information?
  • How can I identify different research METHODS? 
  • How can I use different research METHODS?
  • How can I find my OWN VOICE within information systems?
  • How can I CONVEY my own voice effectively?
  • How can I make my own CONCLUSIONS within information systems?

What is Scholarly Inquiry?


  • Consult multiple sources to obtain a range of perspectives on your topic
  • Look for connections and differences between existing resources on your topic
  • Question what you read and ask 'what is being overlooked'? Does one author address something that another has not? Is there an area being overlooked in all the research?
  • Try a range of research methods to identify what works best for you or for your topic
  • Break down complex questions into simpler ones, to identify different ways of approaching your research
  • Seek help by asking a librarian, instructor, colleague, or classmate