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OCAD U's 100th GradEx: Home

This year marks OCAD University's 100th Graduate Exhibition. This guide highlights selections about notable OCAD U faculty and alumni from the last 100 years! It is a work in progress, with more alumni and former faculty members being added continually.

Lillian Allen

Writer, musician and dub poet Lillian Allen (b. 1951) is a Professor at OCAD U, where she teaches creative writing. She is a two-time Juno Award winner in the category of Best Reggae/Calypso Album.

Roy Ascott

British electronic artist Roy Ascott (b. 1934), the founder of telematic art, was President of OCA from 1971-1972.

Barbara Astman

New media artist and photographer Barbara Astman (b. 1950) is a graduate of OCA and has been a professor in the Faculty of Art at OCAD U since 1975.

Aba Bayefsky

Painter and war artist Aba Bayefsky (1923-2001) was an instructor at OCA from 1957-1988.

Rebecca Belmore

Interdisciplinary installation and performance artist Rebecca Belmore (b. 1960) is a graduate of OCAD. She represented Canada at the 51st Venice Biennale (2005) with her piece Fountain. In 2013, Belmore was awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

David Blackwood

Printmaker David Blackwood (b. 1941) studied at OCAD. He helped found the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto and is a member of the Order of Canada and of the Order of Ontario.

Shary Boyle

Shary Boyle (b. 1972) works in sculpture, performance, installation, drawing and painting. Boyle graduated from OCA in 1994. She won the Gershon Iskowitz Prize in 2009 and represented Canada at the 2013 Venice Bienale.

Jack Bush

Abstract painter Jack Bush (1909-1977) was a member of Painters Eleven, a Toronto art society that promoted abstract art in Canada. His work was celebrated by the influencial American art critic Clement Greenberg. He studied at OCA in the 1930's.

Bill Buxton

Designer and researcher Bill Buxton (b. 1949) is Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. He was a lecturer in OCAD's department of Industrial Design in 2004 and was presented with an Honorary Doctorate from OCAD in 2007.

Franklin Carmichael

Painter Franklin Carmichael was a member of the Group of Seven, founder of the Ontario Society of Painters in Watercolour, and founder of the Canadian Group of Painters. He studied at OCA and also taught there from 1932 to 1945.

Ian Carr-Harris

Artist and writer Ian Carr-Harris (b. 1941) is a graduate of OCA and has been on the faculty at OCAD U since 1964, teaching primarily sculpture, installation, and art writing. He has been the Director of Library Services, Chair of the Experimental Arts & the Sculpture/Installation programs, and Acting Chair of the Criticism and Curatorial Practice program. Carr-Harris was awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2007.

Nicole Collins

Nicole Collins is a multimedia artist and an Assistant Professor in the Drawing and Painting Department at OCAD University.

Ken Danby

Bonnie Devine

Artist, writer, and curator Bonnie Devine is an Associate Professor at OCAD U in the Faculty of Art and the Faculty of Liberal Studies. She was previously the interim director of the Aboriginal Visual Cultural Program and graduated from OCAD in 1997 from the Sculpture and Installation program.

Sara Diamond

Scholar, designer, and artist Dr. Sara Diamond (b. 1954) is the President of OCAD University. She was previously the Artistic Director of Media and Visual Art and Director of Research at the Banff Centre. She also founded the Banff New Media Institute and is an appointee of the Order of Ontario.

Rosemary Donegan

Curator Rosemary Donegan is an Associate Professor at OCAD U and has been the Graduate Program Director of the Criticism & Curatorial Practices program.

Judith Doyle

Writer, filmmaker, and artist Judith Doyle is an Associate Professor at OCAD U and was previously the Chair of the Integrated Media program. She co-founded Rumour Publications and the artist organization Worldpool.

Jim Drobnick

Critic and curator Jim Drobnick is an Associate Professor at OCAD U. He was the editor of Parachute for 13 years and is now editor at Senses & Society. He co-founded DisplayCult with Jennifer Fisher.


FASTWÜRMS artist collective was formed in 1979 and is comprised of members Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse. Kim Kozzi graduated from OCA in 1978 and both collective members previously taught at OCAD.

Robert Fones

OCAD U History

OCAD University began as the Ontario School of Art in 1876. It has since grown extensively, undergoing numerous developments and name changes. It was previously known as Toronto Art School (1886–90), Central Ontario School of Art and Industrial Design (1890–1912), Ontario College of Art (OCA) (1912–96), and Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) (1996–2010).

Richard Fung

Video artist and cultural critic Richard Fung (b. 1954) is a graduate of OCA and an Associate Professor in OCAD U's Faculty of Art since 2003. He primarily teaches in Integrated Media, and Art and Social Change.

Eldon Garnet

Writer and artist Eldon Garnet (b. 1946) is a Professor at OCAD U, teaching mainly in the areas of photography and sculpture. He was the editor of Impulse magazine.

Brian Groombridge

Sculpture and installation artist Brian Groombridge (b. 1953) attended OCA from 1974-1978.

Spring Hurlbut

Multimedia artist Spring Hurlbut (b. 1952) attended OCA.

William Kurelek

Celebrated Ukrainian-Canadian painter William Kurelek (1927-1977) studied at OCA from 1949-1950. Kurelek was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1976.

Martha Ladly

Designer, writer, and musician Martha Ladly is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design at OCAD University. She has been the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and Graduate Program Director of the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Art, Media, and Design. Ladly also graduated from OCA in the 1970's and as a student she joined the Juno-award winnning new wave band Martha and the Muffins.

Arthur Lismer

Painter and educator Arthur Lismer (1885-1969) was one of the founders of the Group of Seven. He taught at OCA and was vice-principal from 1919-1927. In 2011 Lismer was named a National Historic Person.

J.E.H. MacDonald

Painter J.E.H. MacDonald (1873-1932) was one of the founders of the Group of Seven. He studied at OCAD U (then known as the Central Ontario School of Art and Design) and later taught at the school, serving as Principal from 1928 until his death in 1932.

Jock Macdonald

Painter and educator Jock Macdonald (1897-1960) was a member of Painters Eleven, a Toronto art society that promoted abstract art in Canada. Macdonald taught at OCA from 1947 onwards, in the drawing and painting department.

Alexander Manu

Author and management consultant Alexander Manu is a professor at OCAD U.

Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins

Artists Jennifer Marman (b. 1965) and Daniel Borins (b. 1974) are both OCAD alumni.

Lynne Milgram

Scholar Lynne Milgram is a Professor at OCAD University, teaching Economy, Gender, and Development.

George Bures Miller

Multimedia artist George Bures Miller (b. 1960) attended OCA. He is most recognized for collaborative works with artist Janet Cardiff, including Paradise Institute (2001), which represented Canada at the 49th Venice Bienale and was awarded a jury prize, La Biennale di Venezia Special Award. Cardiff and Miller have been honoured with numerous awards including the Gershon Iskowitz prize (2003) and the Käthe Kollwitz Prize (2011).

Will Munro

Artist, activist, and community builder Will Munro (1975-2010) graduated from OCAD in 2000. Munro produced many Toronto club nights, including the long-running queer club night Vazaleen. In 2010 Munro was a longlist finalist for the Sobey Art Award.

Louise Noguchi

Multimedia artist Louise Noguchi is a graduate of OCA.

Christiane Pflug

Painter Christiane Pflug (1936-1972) taught at OCA in the 1960's.

Ed Pien

George Agnew Reid

Genre painter George Agnew Reid (1860-1947) studied at OCAD (then known as the Central Ontario School of Art) and later taught there, becoming Principal from 1912-1918.

David Rokeby

Artist David Rokeby (b. 1960) works primarily in interactive new media art. His celebrated work Very Nervous System (1982-1991) was shown at the 1986 Venice Bienale and in 2002 Rokeby was honoured with the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts. Rokeby graduated from OCA's Experimental Arts program in 1984, and currently works at OCAD U as an Adjunct Professor.

Ron Shuebrook

Artist Ron Shuebrook (b. 1943) was President of OCAD from 2000-2005. He was also a Professor in OCAD U's Drawing and Painting program and is past president of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He received an honorary doctorate from OCAD in 2005.

Michael Snow

Experimental filmmaker, musician, and artist Michael Snow (b. 1929) graduated from OCA in 1952. He has received numerous honours and awards, including Officer of the Order of Canada (1982), Companion of the Order of Canada (2007), the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts (2000), and the Gershon Iskowitz Prize (2011).

Lisa Steele

Video artist, educator, and curator Lisa Steele (b. 1947) is a former faculty member at OCAD. She is a founding director of artist-run centre V tape and a founding editor and publisher of Fuse magazine. In 2003, OCAD awarded Steele an Honourary Doctor of Fine Arts and in 2005 Steele and her collaborator Kim Tomczak were awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Gary Taxali

Artist and illustrator Gary Taxali graduated from OCA in 1991.

Team Macho

Art collective Team Macho are comprised of members Nicholas Aoki, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Christopher Buchan, and Lauchie Reid. Members Stephen Appleby-Barr and Lauchie Reid are both Professors in the Drawing and Painting Program in OCAD U's Faculty of Art.

Marie-Josée Therrien

Marie-Josée Therrien is Associate Professor of Design and Architectural History at OCAD University.

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Artist Rirkrit Tiravanija (b. 1961) studied at OCA from 1980-1984. Tiravanija is co-founder of The Land Foundation, and co-curated the Station Utopia project at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

Dot Tuer

Scholar Dot Tuer is Professor of Art History and Humanities at OCAD University. She has served as the Acting Dean of Liberal Studies, Chair of CRCP, Director of the Graduate Program in Curatorial and Critical Practices, and Chair of the BA program in Visual and Critical Studies.

Maurice Vellekoop

Artist and illustrator Maurice Vellekoop (b.1964) attended OCA in the 1980's and later taught illustration there.

George A. Walker

Printmaker and writer George A. Walker (b. 1960) is an Associate Professor at OCAD, primarily teaching book arts.

Colette Whiten

Sculptor, installation and performance artist Colette Whiten (b. 1945) graduated from OCA in 1972 and was a Professor in OCAD U's Faculty of Art for 38 years. In 2013 she was awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Shirley Wiitasalo

Abstract painter Shirley Wiitasalo (b. 1949) studied at OCA from 1967 to 1968. In 1998, Wiitasalo was awarded the Gershon Iskowitz Prize and in 2011 she won the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

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