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OCAD U Library 2019 Winter: Reference

Research Wednesdays 2019

The Library and Learning Zone are pleased to announce the return of Research Wednesdays in the Inter 2019 term. For more information on the below presenters, follow our library social media accounts, the OCAD U events calendar, or our news and events feeds on the library homepage.


Research Wednesdays talks are:

  • held on Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:00 pm
  • in the Learning Zone, 1st Level, MCC (Annex Blg., 113 McCaul St.)


Winter 2019 Schedule (may be subject to change):

  • January 23: Experiential Learning Placement; Sustainability Initiatives at OCAD University
    • The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Sustainability Initiatives has partnered with the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers to support two field placement students to develop waste reduction solutions. Emerging industrial designers Victoria Gonzalez and Priscilla Lee will present on Reducing Hazardous Waste in OCAD U Studios and Sustainable Initiatives at Copy and Print Services.
  • January 30: Talking Wellness
    • Faculty of Art Lecturer Pam Patterson in cooperation with Robyn Shaw (Manager, Health & Wellness Centre), Marta Chudolinska (Learning Zone Librarian), Angie Ma and Nataly Kais (ADEL students) will discuss the process of creating a site-specific installation for the Learning Zone centred on health, wellness, accessibility, and inclusivity for all at OCAD University.
  • February 6: Inclusive Economies, Inclusive Cities 
    • Designer Cheryl Li and software developer Alan Harnum of OCADU’s Inclusive Design Research Centre will introduce the IDRC’s work, with a focus on two recent projects: the Platform Cooperative Development Kit and Co-Designing Inclusive Cities. The IDRC’s design research encompasses disability and accessibility, economics, social justice and other inclusion-related areas of design.
  • February 27: Cataloguing the OCAD U Zine Library Collection
    • Learning Zone Librarian Marta Chudolinska will walk attendees through the organic and collaborative development of organizational schema for the OCAD U Zine Library collection. Information on an expanding exploration of digital access will be included, as well as collaborative cross-institutional initiatives that promote the zine collection to wider academic audiences.
  • March 13: Re-Scheduled to Fall 2019: Human Centered IoT: Designing for the Human-in-the-Loop
    • Alexis Morris, Principle Investigator, ACE Lab VR & IoT, will evaluate the need for a more human-centered focus in the development of smart, ubiquitous systems, highlighting the opportunity to improve the bandwidth between system software and the people that it supports every day.
  • March 27: Learning the R.O.P.ES 
    • A brief introduction to research ethics at OCAD U: answering the 5Ws/1H of research ethics. Who needs to apply for research ethics approval? What type of research requires ethics approval? When is the best time to apply for approval? Where do I apply? Why is research ethics approval important? How do I apply?
    • Chris Crisol Pineda is the REB manager and "research office dinosaur," having been with the research office since its inception. Her career path has been largely based in research and academia with a special focus on evaluation of projects involving vulnerable communities.
    • Nancy Snow is an assistant professor in the faculty of design and the REB chair. Her areas of research enquiry are design pedagogy, food studies, and knowledge exchange.

Image credit: Photographer unknown. (1953). 'Lily Maley and class, Glendon Hall'. OCAD University Visual Resources & Special Collections.

Information Literacy

image credit: Hanna Neshmonina, Colour by Call Number (2007). Altered Photograph.


Site-Oriented Installations

As part of the library’s ongoing site-specific art intervention project, selected students from Colette Laliberté's "Painting in the Expanded Field" (DRPT-4011) are exhibiting artworks in the Dorothy H. Hoover Library running from February 27th to March 9th.  Each work conceptually interacts with a theme, practice, or policy in the library as an institution and emulates studio-based models in information literacy. 

At the outset, students attend a seminar in the OCAD Library where guiding library philosophies and organizational practices are presented and, most importantly, critiqued.  Afterwards, as students begin processing ideas, they present a description of their projects to OCAD U reference librarians to ensure that the works do not compromise daily circulation and reference services; a situation that would, in effect, demonstrate a failure to grasp the ultimate objectives of the entire exhibition project.  Finally, we request that final critiques be held in the Library space with the full participation of a reference librarian.

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