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OCAD U Library 2019 Summer: Learning Zone

Think Local Zine Display

Zines on display: 

Waiting on our Pollinator Garden ...

The Learning Zone, in collaboration with staff from the Indigenous Student Centre, Facilities and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Sustainability Initiatives have applied for a grant from the City of Toronto to build a pollinator plant and Indigenous medicines garden on campus. We're waiting on the results, but either way, we hope to move forward with this project for the benefit of our community. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for future opportunities to get involved! 

Xpace External Space Video Gallery - I AM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS

Come visit the newest video on display in the Learning Zone, at Xpace's External Space Gallery: 


Marissa Sean Cruz

April 3 – September 3, 2019 

I AM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS is a compilation of videos documenting a fictitious female entity enamoured with pizza as a means to knead through technological immediacy, internet subcultures and consumption. This love-affair spawns an episodic cybernetic reality, physicalized by Western cultures infatuation with Americanized food and diets. In the present state of notorious two-day shipping and targeted algorithms, “the pizza girl” is blended into the varieties and vulgarities of pizza-themed online content, actualizing what it means to be a product of a cultural product. Her fabricated identity is a prop for extreme self- identification, as we watch her in attempts to make sense of her own self-obsessive digital presence.

Visit the installation in person or view it on the Xpace website at: