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OCAD U Library 2018 Winter: Learning Zone

Zine Library Workshop Series

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Monday January 15 and Tuesday January 16, 2:30 -4:30PM


Learn the basics of softcover bookbinding to give your zines a handmade touch! This workshop will cover folded bindings, pamphlet stitch and Japanese stab binding. Maximum attendance is 12, first come, first served.




Wednesday January 17 and Monday January 22, 2:30 -4:30PM


Level up your sewing, cutting and gluing skills by learning to make a simple hard cover book! Maximum attendance is 12, first come, first served. 





Tuesday January 23 and Wednesday January 24, 2:30 -4:30PM


Whether you’ve never made a zine or if you’re a seasoned self-publisher looking for more options, this workshop will help outline the possibilities of self-publishing, big and small. Come to learn how to plan your publication, layout your file in inDesign, choose a production method and set a reasonable price for your work. Maximum attendance is 20, first come, first served. 





Monday February 12 and Tuesday February 13, 2:30 -4:30PM

Learn the basics of planning, cutting and printing a simple two-colour linocut print. Maximum attendance is 12, first come, first served. 




Workshops will happen in the OCAD U Learning Zone, 113 McCaul Street, Level 1. 


All workshops are open to current OCAD U students only and are free, including materials. 


The OCAD Zine Library Workshop Series is funded by the First Generation Program, administered by the Writing & Learning Centre, with support from the OCAD U Library. 

grOCAD Workshop

New plant leaves sprouting from soil


Tuesday January 29th, 2:30 PM

Now is the perfect time to a get a jump on Spring and start native plant seeds for this year’s gardening season. Native plants have evolved and adapted to our local growing conditions, making them perfect additions to your garden! Join us for a free, hands-on workshop where we share tips, techniques and seeds to allow you to:
- Learn about the benefits of gardening with native plants
- Get to know varieties that can thrive in your conditions
- Learn how to cold-stratify perennial seeds and plant them

This workshop will be lead by Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti who teaches Sustainable Practices in the Design Program. The workshop is open to OCAD U students, faculty and staff and is free!

Zine Fair 2018

The OCAD Zine Library team and the OCAD Zine Collective are gearing up for another OCADU Zine Fair in March. This year's two day event will take place in the lobby of 100 McCaul on March 14 and 15 and will feature the zine work of students and members of the OCADU community. 

The annual OCADU  Zine Fair started in 2009 as a one-day event and, due to high demand for tables we expanded the event to two days in 2016. Each year the event gives students a reason to create a new zine as well as the opportunity to sell their publications, and reach new audiences. 

Registration for the zine fair will open exclusively to students on January 22nd and will open up to the greater community (if there's space left) on February 19th. 

New Zines!

The Learning Zone staff has been cataloguing a lot of new zines over the last semester. Here are some of the newest zines we've added to the collection:

 Nothing compares 2 u: a memorial zine to the late Prince by Fiona Avocado (call no. C156S)

 A tribute zine dedicated to the memory of American singer and songwriter Prince. This comic zine recalls personal memories in the author’s life, beginning in the 1990’s after listening to Prince on the radio as a kid.

Audre Lorde by Eloisa Equino (call no. Q12S)

Audre Lorde “…a black feminist, lesbian, mother, poet warrior” is a biographical fanzine from the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes. This zine uses illustrations with quotes from Lorde’s writings and lectures to tell her life story.

Secrets: surviving Jian Ghomeshi by Ellie Anglin and various contributors (call no. P20S)

Authors share their thoughts on the Jian Ghomeshi trial, what it means for victims of sexual violence and how the trial and its contents triggered many of the authors. Featuring descriptions of sexual violence and the trauma of reporting sexual assault.

Frontier #6: Emily Carroll (call no. C307M)

A haunting tale of a fictional murder of a woman in Southern Ontario that haunts residents in present day. Features detailed theories about the occult aspects of the murder and a game teenagers play to resurrect the ghost of Ann Herron. 

Cards by Dylan North (call no. C157S)

Comics about two friends under the influence of drugs playing a fictional trading card game called Wagic. The game becomes very real as the two friends become drawn into the intensity of the card game. Real weapons are used instead of imaginary ones. 

Zine Zine Vol. 1, No. 2 by Independent Illustration Students at Seneca College (call no. I137M)

A zine review series by Seneca College illustration students. This issue features reviews of zines from the OCAD Zine Library collection including Brown Cords by Chaoscore; an untitled zine by Clod; Cabbagetown by Jason Kieffer; Salad Days by JP Coovert and Hot Topic by Sam Gaskin.