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OCAD U Library 2018 Winter: Collections

New E-Resource (Database)

Frontier Life:  Borderlands, Settlements & Colonial Encounters

Institutions across Canada can now benefit from full access to Frontier Life: Borderlands Settlement and Colonial Encounters, a digital collection of primary sources offering a glimpse into Canada’s unique historic past.  Consortia Canada, Adam Matthew and 18 leading academic institutions have collaborated to open this essential content to libraries and educational institutions nationwide.  For further details read the full press release

This collection of primary source materials has been developed in cooperation with sixteen archives and libraries from around the world and provides access to more than 240,000 images and 8,000 documents from the mid-17th to the early 20th century.  Frontier Life documents the experiences of people living in the colonial frontiers of North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Indigenous peoples and their encounters with European settlers and their descendants are central themes within the collection which is organized by sub-collections such as Trade & Commerce, Religion, Children & Family, and Warfare & Military History.  70% of the collection is North American, with approximately 20% specific to Canada; including content from Canadian memory institutions such as the Glenbow Museum, Hudson Bay Archives, and Archives of Manitoba. 

E-Resource Cancelations

In addition to the previously announced e-resource cancellations (June – September), the Library will be cancelling six more subscriptions through the remainder of the fiscal year in conformance with the institutional budgetary Remedial Action Plan.  Descriptions of these resources, alternative resources and subscription end dates are described here.

Interlibrary Loan

Did you know...that you can request books from other libraries?


Looking for a book or article that is not in the OCAD U Library collection? Did you know that you can request books from other libraries and pick them up right here at OCAD? And request journal articles that are delivered straight to your inbox?

Students, staff, and faculty can request titles from libraries across Canada. Graduate students and faculty may also request titles from libraries in the United States. It's as easy as filling out an online form, through the RACER interlibrary loans service. To get started, create a RACER account using the 14-digit barcode found on your OCAD U ID card. Then, just search for a title and request it. Once you have requested a book, it will usually arrive at OCAD within 5-10 business days. Meanwhile, journal articles are usually sent by email within 5 business days.

Need more information about interlibrary loans? Find more detailed info here or contact OCAD U librarian Sarah Butterill at or 416 977-6000, x 357.

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