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OCAD U Library 2018 Summer: Learning Zone

grOCAD Community Garden needs you!

Did you know that OCAD U has a community garden? The grOCAD student group has access to several raised beds in the yard of St. George the Martyr church (on the south end of Grange Park). This is our third year running the project, but we need more volunteers from the OCAD U community to keep it going. We're looking for students, faculty or staff interested in getting involved this summer, whether you're able to get your hands dirty for just one day or on an ongoing basis. Share your experience or learn new skills in planting, watering, weeding or harvesting. Working outdoors with plants is great for your mental and physical health and is a great opportunity to build community at OCAD U. 

Email to get involved! 


OCAD U Seed Library

The OCAD U Seed Library has been restocked and is available to any of our community members interested in growing their own food or flowers!

The OCAD U Seed Library is a branch of the Toronto Seed Library (, which encourages sharing and saving of organic, native & heirloom seeds. Ideally, users will save some of the seeds from the plants they grow and donate them back to the library to keep the cycle going.

This project was started by a former student who has since graduated. Thanks to the fact that the LZ has space, permanent staff, and the drive to preserve community development projects done by students, this is one of the student projects that we've been able to continue once the original creator left the school. Other projects with a similar lineage include the OCAD U Zine Library, the Plate Station, and the Period Project. 

Staff Favourites from the OCAD U Zine Library

Bessie Coleman. call no. I122M

Chosen by Heather Evelyn: "Seeing a black woman on the cover of this zine with clouds swirling around her and a tiny airplane peaked my interest. After reading the introduction by Marya Errin Jones, I understood why - “When I need to remember that there are women in the world who look like me, thrive like me, create like me, laugh like me, challenge stereotypes and perceptions of everyday black life, just like me.” It was that reason in itself why I love this zine."

Staff Favourites from the OCAD U Zine Library 3


The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad call no. I44S

Chosen by Marta Chudolinska: " We all get sad. Sometimes we get S.A.D. And other times we get the real big sad. This zine consists of short pieces of writing and various lists to help you get your head in a better space. It may not be able to heal all that ails you, but it's a great read for the rougher times." 

Staff Favourites from the OCAD U Zine Library 2

Zine Crush 3 call no.  PER111M

Chosen by Dylan North: " Zines about relationships and crushes are great. Zine Crush focuses on crushes people have on zinesters and writers but also crushes in general. There's something about anonymous tales of weird relationships and juicy encounters, especially in the early 2000s, that really capture me. They remind me of the long rambling love letters of teenhood and the weird twists and turns of love and life. I love getting a short intimitate insight into how people of all walks of life navigate their feelings."