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OCAD U Library 2017 Fall: Interlibrary Loan

Request books from other libraries!

Did you know...that you can request books from other libraries?    

Looking for a book or article that is not in the OCAD U Library collection? Did you know that you can request books from other libraries and pick them up right here at OCAD? And request journal articles that are delivered straight to your inbox?

Students, staff, and faculty can request titles from libraries across Canada. Graduate students and faculty may also request titles from libraries in the United States. It's as easy as filling out an online form, through the RACER interlibrary loans service. To get started, create a RACER account using the 14-digit barcode found on your OCAD U ID card. Then, just search for a title and request it. Once you have requested a book, it will usually arrive at OCAD within 5-10 business days. Meanwhile, journal articles are usually sent by email within 5 business days.

Need a title even faster? OCAD U students, staff, and faculty can also borrow directly from other university libraries...if you go there in person. Using a valid ID card, you can borrow directly from university libraries across Canada, with the exception of the University of Toronto libraries. Within the GTA, that means that you can go directly to the libraries at York University or Ryerson University and check out a book that same day. Other libraries in the city, such as the AGO library, TIFF library, and some University of Toronto libraries allow you to view materials in the library without checking them out.

Need more information about interlibrary loans or direct borrowing from other libraries? Find more detailed info here or contact OCAD U librarian Sarah Butterill at or 416 977-6000, x 357.