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OCAD U Library 2017 Fall: Open Access

Open Research Repository: New Collections & Call for Submissions

Repository Update

Open Research Repository contains over 1,300 items from OCAD University faculty, staff and graduate students. Over the past couple years there have been more than 47,000 downloads of scholarly and creative works from this unique collection. Over the summer 267 items, including journal articles, conference materials, graduate theses and MRPs, and book chapters were added. Recent collections include:

  • Proceedings of the 2016 Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium (RSD)
  • Works by Rosemary Donegan
  • Recordings by Lillian Allen

Faculty, staff, and graduate students can upload their works from the repository login page. Guides are available for multiple item types. For assistance, questions, or to propose a deposit contact Chris Landry or send an email to

Highlights of works from past projects:

Schnitman, David (2015) The pixel as property. Shift: Journal of the OCAD U Student Press.
Schnitman, David (2015) The pixel as property. Shift: Journal of the OCAD U Student Press.


Donegan, Rosemary (1986) What ever happened to Queen St. West? Fuse Magazine

Donegan, Rosemary (1986) What ever happened to Queen St. West? Fuse Magazine, 42. pp. 10-24. ISSN 0838-603X
Mangaard, Annette (2017) Meltdown An Investigation of a Seascape in Two Film Forms.
Mangaard, Annette (2017) Meltdown An Investigation of a Seascape in Two Film Forms. Masters thesis, OCAD University
Chudolinska, Marta and Payne, Daniel (2016) Research handbook: Library research skills and tips for undergraduate students [zine].
Chudolinska, Marta and Payne, Daniel (2016) Research handbook: Library research skills and tips for undergraduate students [zine]. OCAD University.
Haughton, Devon and Allen, Lillian and Joseph, Clifton (1983) De dub poets. [Audio]
Haughton, Devon and Allen, Lillian and Joseph, Clifton (1983) De dub poets. [Audio]

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Chris Landry
Scholarly Communications Librarian
T 416 977 6000 x224

Contact me for questions regarding

  • Open Access publishing
  • Funder requirements regarding open access or open data
  • Collaborating on digitizing past or present research or creative materials 
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Research Data Management
  • Author rights
  • Research Metrics

For more information on Scholarly Communications at OCAD U visit our Scholarly Communications library guide