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OCAD U Library 2016 Fall: Learning Zone

Find out what's happening this fall in the Dorothy H. Hoover Library

grOCAD Window Farm Redesign

Image of window farm, a vertical indoor garden built from a series of horizontal plumbing pipes mounted on a wooden frame

This summer saw the third redesign of the grOCAD Window Farm, the most drastic one yet! The Window Farm was grOCAD's inaugural project, first assembled and installed in the Learning Zone in 2012. The new design allows for plants to be repositioned and rotated within the system, provides better lighting conditions for the plants and reduces the potential for leaks. Learning Zone staff, who maintain the system throughout the year, worked with the student group to come up with these solutions. The Window Farm is host to plants that purify the air in the space, as well as adding a peaceful ambience to our workspace with their vibrant greens.

The grOCAD student group is a diverse group of students, faculty and staff who work together to integrate plant life to everyday experience by cultivating areas in and around OCAD U's campus. Members of the group are currently at work tending a community garden at University Settlement and building their first green wall. To learn more about grOCAD and how you or your students can get involved in their grassroots work, get in touch at or Organization of the group is decentralized, so anyone with an idea and the willingness to research and execute is welcome to suggest new projects and directions. 

Image credits: Marta Chudolinska, 2016.