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Design Research Guide: Typography

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Microsoft Typography
Includes a database of articles, information, and instructional guides on typography. Information organized by topic, including "About Fonts," "Developing Fonts," and "Tools & Utilities." Highly recommended.

Garage Fonts
Created in 1993 to distribute the experimental fonts used in Raygun Magazine, users can search this database of innovative fonts (full alphabet and sample phrases) for free by font name, designer, or classification. Font packages can be purchased online.

Contains more than 4000 typefaces and aims to support an open exchange of ideas and information in the field of typography.

Phil's Fonts
Search over 30,000 fonts from 75 foundries. Full font alphabets can be viewed, although packages must be purchased. Free fonts are offered if user logs in with personal information.

1001 Free Fonts
Download font packages from this extensive free resource. Search by name or browse alphbetic list.

Typophile Magazine
An online magazine that includes new typefaces, Web fonts, techniques, technology, opinions and essays.